Ita­lia In­de­pen­dent pre­sen­ts ‘Laps Col­lec­tion’, the fir­st eyewear ran­ge crea­ted by La­po El­kann. Eclec­tic and bold, ori­gi­nal and re­fi­ned.

Uni­que, this is the word that bet­ter de­scri­bes the ‘Laps Col­lec­tion’. Uni­que, be­cau­se its na­me i s ‘Laps’, the nic­k­na­me La­po El­kann’s f riends l ike to call him by. Uni­que, as i t com­bi­nes t he mul­ti­ple nuan­ces of t he f oun­der a nd c rea­ti­ve di­rec­tor of Ita­lia In­de­pen­dent. His strong ap­peal and ori­gi­nal crea­ti­ve flair, the ex­pres­sion of his per­so­na­li­ty, are sum­med up in an eclec­tic and bold col­lec­tion of eye­glas­ses and sun­glas­ses, that stands out for its strong ae­sthe­tics, top qua­li­ty ma­te­rials, re­fi­ned de­si­gns and me­ti­cu­lous at­ten­tion to de­tail.

“A col­lec­tion in­spi­red by di­ver­se worlds, that in turn in­spi­res them, all sha­ring a pro­found love of Beau­ty”, La­po El­kann un­der­li­nes. The col­lec­tion is com­po­sed of twel­ve sty­les - se­ven sun­glas­ses, fi­ve eye­glas­ses - il­lu­stra­ted by th­ree worlds so dear to the de­si­gner’s heart in terms of va­lues and aspi­ra­tions: ‘Ar­te’, ‘Au­to­mo­ti­ve’, ‘Ico­ne Vin­ta­ge Ma­de in Ita­ly’. ‘Ar­te’ re­pro­du­ces the light­ness of the sea as if it we­re sto­len from a pain­ting by Ho­ku­sai, t he Ja­pa­ne­se a rti­st kno­wn for his gra­ce­ful trait. Ma­de in Ja­pan ti­ta­nium fra­mes em­pha­si­ze the re­fi­ned ma­te­rials and mi­ni­mal sha­pes. The mo­st eye-cat­ching sty­les in­clu­de ‘Kei­th’, fea­tu­ring a tra­pe­zoi­dal front. ‘Au­to­mo­ti­ve’ is in­spi­red by a world that is a true point of re­fe­ren­ce for La­po El­kann. The bold sty­le, de­si­gned with the gen­tle­man dri­ver in mind, is ac­cen­tua­ted by au­to­mo­ti­ve-in­spi­red alu­mi­num fra­mes.

The hi­ghlight of the col­lec­tion is ‘Av­vo­ca­to’, a wra­pa­round de­si­gn with an ed­gy ap­peal. And­theins pi­ra­ti onf or‘ Ico­ne Vin­ta­geM ade in Ita­ly’ coul­don­ly be Fe­de­ri­co Fel­li­ni’s ‘Dol­ce Vi­ta’. Bold ace­ta­te fra­mes ce­le­bra­te the me­mo­ries of a pa­st era, wi­thout fee­ling no­stal­gic but sho­wing an un­re­strai­ned pas­sion for Ita­ly, whi­le the ‘En­zo’ sty­le stands out with the ti­me­less de­si­gn of its ico­nic four len­ses. The in­dis­so­lu­ble bond with the fa­shion world is the con­stant th­read of all th­ree chap­ters.

‘Laps Col­lec­tion’. From top. Gil­les, Au­to­mo­ti­ve. Ettore, Ar­te. Ayr­ton, Au­to­mo­ti­ve. Gian­car­lo, Ico­ne Vin­ta­ge Ma­de in Ita­ly. All eyewear ‘ Laps Col­lec­tion’ by Ita­lia In­de­pen­dent.

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