By fi­ve men in fa­shion

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To at­tempt a de­fi­ni­tion of ‘sty­le’ is to try and pin do­wn a cloud; it is a ne­bu­lous and su­b­jec­ti­ve con­cept. Yet one can al­ways iden­ti­fy tho­se who pos­sess it, tho­se who em­bo­dy an ef­for­tles­sness and in­di­vi­dua­li­ty in their sar­to­rial ta­stes - whe­ther ou­tlan­di­sh and pro­vo­ca­ti­ve or ele­men­tal and un­der­sta­ted. Thus, to f ind and un­der­stand sty­le, we ha­ve asked f ive men of great cul­tu­ral ca­pi­tal to en­lighten us tho­se who, to them, are sty­le icons.

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