L’Uo­mo pen­ned by fi­ve Ita­lian au­thors

VOGUE (Italy) - - TABLE OF CONTENTS - Edi­ted by Fe­de­ri­co Chia­ra

L’Uo­mo, man, in his true es­sen­ce. His ar­che­ty­pes, emo­tions and il­lu­sions - as an­ce­stral as they are contemporary. His need to exi­st, to fall in love and be lo­ved, to stay young, strong and at the cen­tre of his world, as well as the world of his chil­dren. Man as we know him, ref lec­ted in fi­ve dif­fe­rent mir­rors. Fi­ve ori­gi­nal and un­pu­bli­shed sto­ries, writ­ten for

L’Uo­mo Vo­gue by f ive hi­ghly ac­clai­med Ita­lian au­thors, with dif­fe­rent nar­ra­ti­ve sty­les - co­mi­cal, dra­ma­tic, spi­ri­tual and phi­lo­so­phi­cal. Com­po­sing a mul­ti­fa­ce­ted por­trait kno­wn by ma­ny na­mes and one na­me on­ly: Man. L’Uo­mo.

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