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Is the­re any grea­ter mark of per­so­nal ta­ste and iden­ti­ty to­day than wea­ring a tru­ly great wat­ch? When the poc­ket-wat­ch was in­ven­ted it was as a vi­tal, hi-te­ch tool to syn­chro­ni­se ex­pe­rien­ce in a world whe­re rail­ways and ra­dio broa­d­casts ma­de being up-to-the-mi­nu­te ex­tre­me­ly im­por­tant. But to­day? We all ha­ve smart­pho­nes. So why wear a wat­ch at all? The an­swer has to be this: they can be beau­ti­ful. And the weight of a hard-ac­qui­red, mu­ch lo­ved wat­ch on your wri­st can be as reas­su­ring as hol­ding the hand of a lo­ved one. Go deep do­wn the rab­bit ho­le of wat­ch-world ob­ses­sion, and you might ne­ver climb out again - ea­ch pie­ce on this pa­ge co­mes with a com­pel­ling sto­ry all of its own. Ul­ti­ma­te­ly the­re is an iro­nic va­lue in wea­ring a de­vi­ce de­si­gned to mark the pas­sing of ti­me: it evo­kes per­ma­nen­ce.

A fi­ne­ly-cho­sen pair of spec­ta­cles al­lo­ws you to see the world bet­ter and af­fec­ts how the world sees you. Spec­ta­cles fra­me your fa­ce as they shar­pen your vi­sion - whi­ch is why they ha­ve en­du­red even as the con­tact lens and la­ser sur­ge­ry ha­ve th­rea­te­ned to ren­der them ob­so­le­te. L’Uo­mo Vo­gue i s a ma­ga­zi­ne o f s ty­le: we would ne­ver ven­tu­re to re­com­mend the mo­st prag­ma­tic way to en­han­ce your vi­sion. Ho­we­ver the se­lec­tion of spec­ta­cles abo­ve of­fers an ex­cel­lent port­fo­lio of po­ten­tial stra­te­gies for en­han­cing the world’s vi­sion of the man wea­ring them - whi­ch is ve­ry mu­ch our ter­ri­to­ry. Choo­sing spec­ta­cles that suit you de­mands a con­si­de­ra­tion of the sha­pe of your fa­ce, your hair­li­ne, and fea­tu­res - as well as con­si­de­ra­tion of the what you want your spec­ta­cles to si­gnal about you. The mo­re you look, the mo­re you see.

To­day we re­ly on tech­no­lo­gy as ne­ver be­fo­re. And ar­gua­bly we are al­so ma­ni­pu­la­ted and con­trol­led via tech­no­lo­gy as ne­ver be­fo­re, too. Wi­res ha­ve been the con­nec­ting mem­bra­ne bet­ween man and his tech­no­lo­gy sin­ce Be­n­ja­min Fran­klin fir­st lit the spark. Whi­le we wrap our­sel­ves dee­per and dee­per in­to a de­pen­den­cy on te­ch, we are at lea­st free­ing our­sel­ves from our de­pen­den­cy on wi­res. As mu­ch of the cut­ting-ed­ge and ea­sy-on-the-eye hard­ware fea­tu­red in our se­lec­tion of top-te­ch si­gnals, wi­re­les­sness is a pri­me sel­ling point for now. Spea­kers, prin­ters, and head­pho­nes ha­ve all been li­be­ra­ted. Of cour­se the­re is a gen­tle con­tra­dic­tion in­he­rent in this te­ch-trend for wi­re­les­sness: the mo­re tech­no­lo­gy frees us to im­mer­se our­sel­ves in it the mo­re ti­me we spend plug­ged in.

Pe­rhaps one day wi­res - su­ch as the gor­geou­sly de­ca­dent Ber­lu­ti light­ning ca­ble USB fea­tu­red he­re - will be­co­me like vi­nyl re­cords: items that we che­ri­sh be­cau­se they are ana­chro­ni­stic. For now thou­gh, who wan­ts to stop and con­si­der whe­ther your pho­ne has enou­gh char­ge, your spea­kers can con­nect to your Net­flix, or your head­pho­nes will plug in­to your music-sy­stem? Ano­ther tech­no­lo­gi­cal pro­duct that is un­der­going ra­pid evo­lu­tion is the ca­me­ra: a tool that is espe­cial­ly clo­se to our hearts he­re at L’Uo­mo Vo­gue. Whi­le the­re is no doubt that smart­pho­ne tech­no­lo­gy is pu­shing ima­ge-ma­king in new di­rec­tions and ma­king it ea­sier than ever be­fo­re (the Goo­gle Pi­xel pho­ne’s ca­me­ra tru­ly is asto­ni­shing), the­re is still room for the spe­cia­li­st de­vi­ce. The ‘ac­tion’ ca­me­ra and in­stant ca­me­ra he­re are fi­ne exam­ples.

The­re is ab­so­lu­te­ly no­thing on this pa­ge that you need. Yet if you are a man with an en­qui­ring mind and an eye for beau­ty, the­re might ve­ry well be so­me­thing that you want - pas­sio­na­te­ly. What is an ac­ces­so­ry, any­way? In En­gli­sh, the word is used to si­gni­fy a ‘hel­per’ or an ‘ena­bler’ - the­re­fo­re being pro­se­cu­ted as an ‘ac­ces­so­ry to mur­der’ is ex­tre­me­ly bad news. In the hi­gh court of fa­shion, ac­ces­so­ries ena­ble you to en­ri­ch the tex­tu­re of your ex­ter­nal ap­pea­ran­ce. They are punc­tua­tion marks that al­low the poe­try of the ex­ter­nal to flow. They are the de­tails with whi­ch you fill in the ima­ge of your­self. No man should be afraid of jewel­le­ry in 2018, and so­me exam­ples he­re are espe­cial­ly fi­ne. Brioni’s la­pel pins and other me­tal wor­ked new-sea­son pie­ces ha­ve been hand-craf­ted by Ni­na-Ma­ria Ni­tsche to sof­tly ac­cent

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