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VOGUE (Italy) - - LETTURE - by Ema­nue­le Far­ne­ti

Søl­ve Sund­sbø’s ca­bin on the fjords is ali­ve, chan­ging wi­th the rhy­thms of the pas­sing years and ti­des. Mo­re than any other, Sund­sbø is the pho­to­gra­pher who has lear­ned how to tran­sform new tech­no­lo­gies in­to art (ce­le­bra­ted in Mi­lan at the Pho­to Vo­gue Fe­sti­val at Pa­laz­zo Rea­le, from 15/11 to 16/12). And it is he­re that he re­turns to un­plug and “to be one wi­th na­tu­re” (pa­ge 46).

A Con­nec­ti­cut far­m­hou­se con­ser­ves the me­mo­ry of the lo­ve sto­ry that la­sted fi­ve sum­mers, bet­ween Ma­ri­lyn and Ar­thur Mil­ler, and now finds new li­fe thanks to a young ar­chi­tect. A fre­sh start, as hap­pens to ma­ny hou­ses, and to the ma­ny li­ves li­ved wi­thin them (pa­ge 12).

Sto­ries of the an­cient hou­ses of the Giu­dec­ca, among whi­ch a wri­ter who grew up he­re wan­ders, kept ali­ve by the per­si­sten­ce of real li­fe, still sa­fe from the vul­ga­ri­ty of stop&shop tou­ri­sm (pa­ge 72); sto­ries of the re­lo­ca­ted li­ves re­pre­sen­ted by the hu­ts and shel­ters in the woods that An­toi­ne Bruy has sear­ched for and pho­to­gra­phed for years, from the Py­re­nees to the We­st (pa­ge 96); sto­ries of the poe­try of “the short cen­tu­ry” that still echoes wi­thin the walls of Vil­la Pi­sa­ni Dos­si on La­ke Co­mo (pa­ge 82); sto­ries of the chil­d­hood me­mo­ries cap­tu­red in the schools pho­to­gra­phed by Ste­fan Gift­tha­ler (pa­ge 56); sto­ries of the unex­pec­ted se­cond, or pe­rhaps third rein­car­na­tion of a hou­se, Vil­la Cuc­ci­rel­li, and its mi­stress (pa­ge 66). The Tu­scan far­m­hou­se and gar­den that wri­ter Mag­gie Bar­rett and pho­to­gra­pher Joel Meye­ro­wi­tz share is al­so the sto­ry of a new pha­se of li­fe: “Gar­de­ners, li­ke wri­ters, ha­ve two com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent ways of crea­ting. One is to plot the who­le thing out fir­st, the other is to start wi­th a sin­gle in­stinct and let the plot re­veal itself or­ga­ni­cal­ly. As bo­th a wri­ter and a gar­de­ner I am of the lat­ter phi­lo­so­phy” (pa­ge 90).

The­re are two ap­proa­ches to pu­bli­shing sto­ries about hou­ses: por­tray­ing them be­fo­re li­fe in­va­des and di­srup­ts them, or re­count- ing the li­ves led wi­thin, and from the­re tel­ling about what sur­rounds them. Per­so­nal­ly, I am of the lat­ter phi­lo­so­phy. (Trad. Lcc). ¥

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