Da­na Bron­f­man

Ear­thy ele­men­ts be­co­me other­world­ly jewels who­se re­fi­ned beau­ty tou­ches the soul… Fi­nal­ly, lu­xu­ry tru­ly meets su­stai­na­bi­li­ty.

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Da­na Bron­f­man is a New York Ci­ty-ba­sed fi­ne jewel­ry de­si­gner, be­st kno­wn for her “quie­tly bold” mo­dern sty­le; un­der­sta­ted yet uni­que. Her geo­me­tric sculp­tu­ral pie­ces bear re­co­gni­za­ble de­si­gn ele­men­ts su­ch as con­vex and con­ca­ve sha­pes, as well as the “ocu­lus,” a cir­cu­lar or eye­li­ke ope­ning, usual­ly found in ar­chi­tec­tu­re. This “cir­cu­lar void” be­co­mes the me­ta­phor of a vir­tuous cir­cle con­nec­ting the ori­gins and the sto­ry of the pie­ce of jewel­ry wi­th its ow­ner. One might say Da­na ta­kes ear­thy ele­men­ts and tran­sforms them in­to other­world­ly jewels. Af­ter wor­king for non-pro­fit or­ga­ni­za­tions, Da­na Bron­f­man at­ten­ded the Re­ve­re Aca­de­my of Jewel­ry Arts, and sub­se­quen­tly foun­ded her own brand in 2014. From the­re she went on to suc­ces­sful­ly win the Fa­shion Group In­ter­na­tio­nal’s Ri­sing Star Award for Fi­ne Jewel­ry in 2017. Her col­lec­tions are now avai­la­ble at se­lect sto­res world­wi­de, thou­gh she mo­st en­joys wor­king wi­th clien­ts fa­ce to fa­ce to crea­te cu­stom de­si­gns at her Ma­n­hat­tan ate­lier. Da­na uses re­clai­med and fair-mi­ned gold as well as ethi­cal­ly sour­ced gem­sto­nes and dia­monds. She works clo­se­ly wi­th a small team of lo­cal ma­ster jewe­lers to crea­te pie­ces fea­tu­ring one-of-a-kind and na­tu­ral-co­lo­red gem­sto­nes, and mat­te and ham­me­red fi­ni­shes. Ea­ch pie­ce pays ho­ma­ge to its ear­thly ori­gins and the ma­ny hands that tou­ched it in the pro­cess: its opu­len­ce mat­ches its in­fi­ni­te soul. Ul­ti­ma­te­ly, her ho­pe is that a great pie­ce of jewel­ry – ho­we­ver beau­ti­ful – will re­pre­sent mo­re than ju­st a sta­tus sym­bol. She ta­kes pri­de in being part of se­ve­ral ini­tia­ti­ves to in­crea­se the in­du­stry’s ethics and su­stai­na­bi­li­ty as a who­le, as she be­lie­ves that put­ting a “band aid” on pro­blems is not enou­gh: we all need to work to­wards so­lu­tions, and en­su­re that su­stai­na­bi­li­ty be­co­mes the ru­le, not the ex­cep­tion.

The Ga­la­xy ear­rings are crea­ted using uni­que, asym­me­tri­cal sli­ces of Ame­ri­can King­man tur­quoi­se, re­spon­si­bly-sour­ced ro­se cut gray and whi­te dia­monds (ap­pro­xi­ma­te­ly 1.99 cts.) and re­clai­med 18K yel­low gold.

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