Ir­thly Jewel­led Adorn­men­ts

An­cient skills and new tech­no­lo­gies co­me to­ge­ther in a col­lec­tion of beau­ti­ful­ly cut­ting-ed­ge de­si­gns in­spi­red by the won­ders of na­tu­re and the de­si­re to che­ri­sh them.

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The son of a ma­ster jewe­ler – and an avid stu­dent of Chi­ne­se and Eu­ro­pean phi­lo­so­phy – de­si­gner Da­vid Al­va­ra­do crea­tes jewel­ry that is bo­th re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve of his world­view and beau­ti­ful­ly cut­ting-ed­ge in its in­ter­pre­ta­tion of Art De­co in­fluen­ces. When he laun­ched Ir­thly Jewel­led Adorn­men­ts, Al­va­ra­do set him­self the no­ta­ble goal of pai­ring lu­xu­ry art de­si­gn wi­th ethi­cal re­spon­si­bi­li­ty to­wards our en­vi­ron­ment. In­spi­red by the pre­gnan­cy of his wi­fe – an event that led the de­si­gner to me­di­ta­te on bir­th and the ori­gins of all things – Al­va­ra­do fo­cu­sed on palm ivo­ry, a su­stai­na­ble and ethi­cal al­ter­na­ti­ve to con­flict-rid­den ani­mal ivo­ry. All the col­lec­tion’s pie­ces are ma­de wi­th re­cy­cled me­tals, pre­do­mi­nan­tly gold and pla­ti­num, hi­gh-gra­de con­flict-free dia­monds, and fair­tra­de gems. The in­te­gra­tion of the­se ele­men­ts wi­th seeds of ve­ge­ta­ble ivo­ry was a com­plex, de­li­ca­te chal­len­ge that took years to de­ve­lop. A pain­sta­king mix of old and new tech­no­lo­gy al­lo­wed Al­va­ra­do to bring out the won­der­ful po­wer of this seed, rea­li­zing in the pro­cess that ea­ch pie­ce, as an or­ga­nic thing, evol­ves along wi­th the per­son: no other jewel­ry can be so in­ti­ma­te­ly con­nec­ted to its ow­ner. Ir­thly Jewel­led Adorn­men­ts’ new col­lec­tion will be un­vei­led at Ch­ri­stie’s on De­cem­ber 10. It will hi­ghlight how in­ter­con­nec­ti­vi­ty and our aware­ness of it should be as pre­cious as any­thing we trea­su­re. As the but­ter­fly ef­fect tea­ches us, small even­ts may ha­ve lar­ge dra­ma­tic ef­fec­ts. The bee’s de­li­ca­te eco­sy­stem is one ve­ry real exam­ple: as the bee po­pu­la­tion things, the­re is real po­ten­tial for di­sa­strous out­co­mes. “My BeeEf­fect™ Col­lec­tion will be an ele­gant way to trea­su­re our aware­ness of how in­ti­ma­te­ly con­nec­ted we all are,” says Al­va­ra­do. “My ho­pe is that the mo­re we trea­su­re and sha­re our aware­ness of our co­de­pen­dent exi­sten­ce, the mo­re our ethi­cal prac­ti­ces im­pro­ve.”

Cy­cles ring ce­le­bra­tes the cy­cles of li­fe. 18K yel­low gold, 0.18 tcw dia­monds, and 1.02 ct. round sap­phi­re in­laid in or­ga­nic palm ivo­ry.

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