Ear­thly for­ce meets ele­gant form and un­sur­pas­sed beau­ty in a col­lec­tion of ra­vi­shing ma­ster­pie­ces: a one-of-a-kind di­splay of hi­gh craft and bold crea­ti­vi­ty for the lu­xu­rious Cin­ta Col­lec­tion.

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For over for­ty years, John Har­dy ar­ti­sans ha­ve com­mit­ted to ma­king han­d­craf­ted jewel­ry wi­th tech­ni­ques pas­sed do­wn for ge­ne­ra­tions, using vet­ted sup­pliers to en­su­re that bo­th dia­monds and gem­sto­nes con­form to hi­gh ethi­cal stan­dards, and by using re­clai­med sil­ver and gold. The brand’s pas­sion for crea­ting di­stinc­ti­ve and mea­ning­ful jewel­ry is echoed by their de­di­ca­tion to buil­ding a su­stai­na­ble fu­tu­re for their ar­ti­sans and clien­ts world­wi­de. Na­med af­ter the Ba­li­ne­se word for lo­ve, Cin­ta is an ex­cep­tio­nal­ly uni­que col­lec­tion that starts wi­th the gem. Its ele­men­tal beau­ty and my­thic pro­per­ties, ce­le­bra­ted wi­th the con­tours of na­tu­re, will in­spi­re a sto­ry – the Cin­ta Le­gends Na­ga Tri­lo­gy – brought to li­fe by hi­ghly skil­led ar­ti­sans and se­ren­di­pi­tous di­sco­ve­ry. Un­der the helm of Hol­lie Bon­ne­vil­le Bar­den, John Har­dy’s fir­st fe­ma­le crea­ti­ve di­rec­tor, the con­cept of hi­gh jewel­ry rea­ches new heights when loo­king at the me­sme­ri­zing Vol­ca­no nec­kla­ce. The pro­duc­tion of this one-of-a-kind nec­kla­ce took 110 days of me­ti­cu­lous han­d­craf­ting by a team of ma­ster ar­ti­sans. Fir­st ren­de­red in goua­che, the exact mo­del in gold was hand-car­ved over fif­teen days be­fo­re lost-wax ca­sting and as­sem­bly. The fi­nal sta­ge was the hand-set­ting of the 650 gem­sto­nes fol­lo­wed by po­li­shing. In­spi­red by Ba­li­ne­se fol­klo­re de­pic­ting the pro­tec­ti­ve Na­ga as an em­bo­di­ment of dif­fe­rent na­tu­ral spi­ri­ts, the nec­kla­ce fea­tu­res pa­ve-set bro­wn dia­monds, bro­wn and oran­ge sap­phi­res and bro­wn zir­cons. An 18K ro­se gold and ti­ger iron Na­ga pen­dant is su­spen­ded from a string of ti­ger iron, Ma­dei­ra ci­tri­ne, and black tour­ma­li­ne beads: a brea­th­ta­king ho­ma­ge to na­tu­re’s for­ce and beau­ty.

Cin­ta Le­gends Na­ga Tri­lo­gy Vol­ca­no nec­kla­ce in 18K gold. Ne­ga pen­dant in 18K ro­se gold and ti­ger iron de­tai­led wi­th pa­ve-set bro­wn dia­monds is ac­cen­ted wi­th a string of ti­ger iron, Ma­dei­ra ci­tri­ne, and black tour­ma­li­ne beads.

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