Sear­ching for the chil­d­hood

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Re­ga­lan­do le bom­bo­nie­re so­li­da­li di Sa­ve the Chil­dren, una del­le più im­por­tan­ti or­ga­niz­za­zio­ni in­ter­na­zio­na­li in­di­pen­den­ti per la di­fe­sa e la pro­mo­zio­ne dei di­rit­ti dei più pic­co­li, non so­lo si può con­di­vi­de­re la pro­pria fe­li­ci­tà con pa­ren­ti e ami­ci, ma an­che con tan­ti bam­bi­ni che vi­vo­no in pae­si po­ve­ri, de­va­sta­ti da guer­re o ca­la­mi­tà na­tu­ra­li. Con un sem­pli­ce ge­sto, sce­glien­do tra un’am­pia se­le­zio­ne di de­li­zio­se sca­to­li­ne o sac­chet­ti por­ta­con­fet­ti di li­no, per­ga­me­ne (an­che in ver­sio­ne di­gi­ta­le) e in­fi­ni­te bom­bo­nie­re “sal­va-vi­ta”, tut­te per­so­na­liz­za­bi­li, si con­tri­bui­sce a ga­ran­ti­re ai più pic­co­li ci­bo, ac­qua po­ta­bi­le, cu­re me­di­che, ac­ces­so all’istru­zio­ne. Ogni re­ga­lo so­li­da­le, in­fat­ti, cor­ri­spon­de a un’ini­zia­ti­va pre­ci­sa: un vac­ci­no, una zan­za­rie­ra per pro­teg­ge­re dal­la ma­la­ria, un kit sco­la­sti­co, giu­sto per ci­tar­ne so­lo al­cu­ne. Tra i do­ni più pre­zio­si c’è la “sca­to­li­na cuo­re”, da ren­de­re an­co­ra più gra­zio­sa con na­stri­ni di tul­le co­lor ce­le­ste, ro­sa o avo­rio, ai qua­li vie­ne le­ga­to un cion­do­lo di ce­ra­mi­ca, rea­liz­za­to fi­ne­men­te a ma­no, a for­ma di cuo­re. Giu­lia Bor­gaz­zi

By gi­ving out wed­ding fa­vors from Sa­ve the Chil­dren, one of the mo­st im­por­tant in­ter­na­tio­nal or­ga­ni­za­tions wor­king on the rights of chil­dren, cou­ples can show their sup­port for the ma­ny kids who li­ve in poor coun­tries that ha­ve been de­va­sta­ted by war or na­tu­ral di­sa­sters. This sim­ple ge­stu­re – choo­sing from among a wi­de ran­ge of won­der­ful ob­jec­ts and “li­fe-sa­ving” fa­vors (all of whi­ch can be per­so­na­li­zed) – can help chil­dren to ha­ve ac­cess to food, clean drin­king wa­ter, me­di­cal ca­re and qua­li­ty edu­ca­tion. Ea­ch of the­se gif­ts is lin­ked to a spe­ci­fic ini­tia­ti­ve from the or­ga­ni­za­tion, su­ch as vac­ci­na­tions, screens that pro­tect again­st ma­la­ria, and school sup­plies, ju­st to na­me a few. One of the mo­st pre­cious fa­vors is the ‘heart box,’ ma­de all the mo­re ele­gant thanks to rib­bons in sha­des of sky blue, pink or ivo­ry. A ce­ra­mic heart-sha­ped pen­dant, whi­ch has been ma­de by hand, is then th­rea­ded th­rou­gh the rib­bon.

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