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In­co­min­cia­re a fa­re le pro­ve per le so­prac­ci­glia (da mo­del­la­re con la pin­zet­ta e, even­tual­men­te, da tin­ge­re) e le ci­glia (da tin­ge­re, al­lun­ga­re con la per­ma­nen­te de­di­ca­ta o in­fol­ti­re con le ex­ten­sions), sen­za di­men­ti­ca­re la ce­ret­ta per i baf­fet­ti e la pe­lu­ria vi­ci­no all’at­tac­ca­tu­ra dei ca­pel­li. Sot­to­por­si a un trat­ta­men­to rim­pol­pan­te soft o a fil­ler leg­ge­ri o an­che a una bio­ri­vi­ta­liz­za­zio­ne per “scol­pi­re” il con­tor­no del vi­so, ma sen­za esa­ge­ra­re. Start wor­king wi­th the eye­bro­ws (whi­ch can be sha­ped wi­th twee­zers and po­ten­tial­ly dyed) and the eye­la­shes (to be dyed wi­th per­ma­nent so­lu­tions or leng­the­ned wi­th ex­ten­sions) and, of cour­se, wax abo­ve the lips and eli­mi­na­te un­wan­ted hair near the hair­li­ne. You can opt for a soft ‘plum­ping’ treat­ment for the skin, light fil­lers or even turn to bio­re­vi­ta­li­za­tion in or­der to ‘sculpt’ the skin, but don’t over­do it.

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