Syl­va & Cie.

Re­pur­po­sing dia­monds and vin­ta­ge trea­su­res in­to ed­gy – and ra­vi­shing! – de­si­gns whe­re eve­ry pie­ce is uni­que: the Ten Ta­ble col­lec­tion is a col­lec­tor’s de­light.

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Syl­va Ye­pre­mian’s pas­sion for jewel­ry be­gan at a young age, in­spi­red by her fa­ther Ji­rair, who wor­ked for the mo­st pre­sti­gious Eu­ro­pean jewe­lers. Un­der his skil­led tu­te­la­ge, she re­cei­ved the be­st trai­ning and the fa­mi­lial sup­port that ga­ve her the con­fi­den­ce to start her own brand, Syl­va & Cie., whi­ch of­fi­cial­ly laun­ched in 2007 in Los An­ge­les, whe­re Syl­va and her fa­mi­ly had mo­ved when she was six­teen. De­ve­lo­ping at lea­st one new pie­ce of jewel­ry ea­ch day, Syl­va Ye­pre­mian crea­tes stun­ning one-of-a-kind de­si­gns that she sket­ches her­self. No two pie­ces are ali­ke as eve­ry sty­le is com­ple­te­ly and me­ti­cu­lou­sly hand-wrought wi­th the ut­mo­st ca­re and at­ten­tion to de­tail. Born in Le­ba­non and rai­sed in Pa­ris, Syl­va is an avid col­lec­tor of an­ti­que jewel­ry, con­ti­nuou­sly in­spi­red by the art and de­si­gn that mar­ked pre­vious de­ca­des, as well as by old world ar­ti­fac­ts and vin­ta­ge dia­monds. No won­der she lo­ves wor­king wi­th su­stai­na­ble and re­clai­med ma­te­rials, in­clu­ding so­me vin­ta­ge trea­su­res she re­pur­po­ses in­to new ty­pes of jewel­ry, ai­ming at crea­ting re­mar­ka­ble, su­stai­na­ble jewel­ry. The Ten Ta­ble col­lec­tion fea­tu­res re­clai­med dia­monds, ea­ch pie­ce dra­wing from a pa­st ae­sthe­tic, yet bri­ning out a mo­dern ed­ge that ap­peals to the so­phi­sti­ca­ted cu­sto­mer. The col­lec­tion is the per­fect ba­lan­ce bet­ween an “old world” pre­sti­ge and fre­sh, in­no­va­ti­ve de­si­gn. Syl­va & Cie. is an esta­bli­shed brand in the jewel­ry in­du­stry and her uni­que col­lec­tions are hi­ghly sought af­ter by avid col­lec­tors of su­stai­na­ble and re­clai­med pie­ces of jewel­ry. Syl­va feels pas­sio­na­te­ly about the im­por­tan­ce of using su­stai­na­ble ma­te­rials in her craft, and she will con­ti­nue to hunt out the world’s trea­su­res as she rein­ven­ts jewel­ry over the years.

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