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Mi­lan of­fers a wide spec­trum of flavours. In fact, the city (and its out­ly­ing ar­eas) boasts myr­iad op­por­tu­ni­ties to savour the finest tra­di­tional Mediter­ranean or typ­i­cally Mi­lanese cui­sine along­side au­then­tic tast­ing ex­pe­ri­ences at its numer­ous eth­nic or


For a com­plete list of top ho­tel restau­rants in Mi­lan, also check out page 56 - Five star flavours. DUOMO DISTRICT

ASOLA|CUCINA SAR­TO­RI­ALE (C/O THE BRIAN & BARRY BUILD­ING) — www.aso­lar­is­torante.it Great clas­sics of Ital­ian and in­ter­na­tional cui­sine with a spec­tac­u­lar view. Via Durini, 28. T: 02 92853303. M1 San Ba­bila. Map G4 Closed from 6 to 21 Au­gust

CANTINA PIEMON­TESE — www.cantina-piemon­tese.it. “Top-level” trat­to­ria of­fer­ing tra­di­tion Ital­ian re­gional cui­sine. Via Laghetto, 2. T: 02 784618. M1-M3 Duomo. Map G5 Closed from 11 to 22 Au­gust

CRACCO — www.ris­toran­te­cracco.it Mi­lanese cui­sine with a con­tem­po­rary twist. Miche­lin-starred restau­rant. Via V. Hugo, 4. T: 02 876774. M1-M3 Duomo. Map F5 Closed from 6 to 24 Au­gust

GAL­LE­RIA — www.ris­toran­te­gal­le­ria.it Stylish restau­rant and tra­di­tional wood-fired pizza. Gal­le­ria Vit­to­rio Eman­ule II, 75. T: 02 86464912. M1-M3 Duomo. Map G4 Open daily

GIARDINO DI GIADA — www.gi­a­rdinodi­giada. it. Ori­en­tal am­bi­ence for a real Can­tonese cui­sine. Via Palazzo Reale, 5. T: 02 8053891. M1-M3 Duomo. Map F5 Closed from 7 to 20 Au­gust

IL BARETTO AL BAGLIONI (C/O CARL­TON HO­TEL BAGLIONI) — www.il­baret­toal­baglioni.it. Mi­lanese tra­di­tional taste. Via Se­nato, 7. T: 02 781255. M1 San Ba­bila. Map G4 Closed from 4 to 28 Au­gust

IL RISTORANTE TRUS­SARDI ALLA SCALA — www.trussar­dial­las­cala.com. Top-rate cui­sine and out­stand­ing in­te­rior de­sign. Pi­azza della Scala, 5. T: 02 80688201. M1-M3 Duomo. Map F4 Closed from 5 to 21 Au­gust

MARCH­ESI ALLA SCALA — www.march­esi.it Mi­lanese haute cui­sine by the “Mae­stro” of Ital­ian cui­sine Gualtiero March­esi. Via Filo­dram­matici 2, cor­ner of pi­azza della Scala. T: 02 72094338. M1-M3 Duomo, M3 Mon­te­napoleone. Map F4 Closed from 6 to 27 Au­gust


MU­SEUM — www.pavarot­tim­i­lano.com The best of Emil­ian cui­sine and a trib­ute to Master Lu­ciano Pavarotti. Gal­le­ria Vit­to­rio Emanuele II (en­trance from Pi­azza Duomo, 214th Floor). T: 02 45397657. M1-M3 Duomo. Map F4 Closed from 12 to 20 Au­gust PECK — www.peck. it. Iconic tem­ple of Mi­lanese taste. Ev­ery Sun­day typ­i­cal lunch. Via Spadari, 9. T: 02 8023161. M1-M3 Duomo. Map F5 Closed from 13 to 21Au­gust

SAVINI — www.savin­im­i­lano.it So­phis­ti­cated at­mos­phere, cre­ative food, im­pec­ca­ble ser­vice. Via U. Fos­colo, 5 (Gal­le­ria Vit­to­rio Emanuele II). T: 02 72003433. M1-M3 Duomo. Map F4 Closed from 5 to 27 Au­gust

VUN (C/O PARK HY­ATT MI­LANO) — www.ristorante-vun.it. So­phis­ti­cated gas­tro­nomic ex­pe­ri­ence. Miche­lin-starred restau­rant. Via S. Pel­lico, 3. T: 02 88211350. M1-M3 Duomo. Map F4 Closed in Au­gust


ARMANI/RISTORANTE (C/O ARMANI HO­TEL MI­LANO) — mi­lan.ar­mani­ho­tels.com High-class cui­sine in a vi­brant at­mos­phere. Miche­lin-starred restau­rant. Via Man­zoni, 31. T: 02 88838888. M3 Mon­te­napoleone. Map F4 Closed from 6 to 28 Au­gust

BICE — www.bicemi­lano.it. Tra­di­tional Tus­can cui­sine. Vip watch­ing. Via Bor­gospesso, 12. T: 02 76002572. M3 Mon­te­napoleone. Map F4 Closed from 12 to 15 Au­gust

DON CAR­LOS (C/O GRAND HO­TEL ET DE MI­LAN) — www.ris­torante­doncar­los.it Tra­di­tional Ital­ian cui­sine in a so­phis­ti­cated at­mos­phere. Via A. Man­zoni, 29. T: 02 72314640. M3 Mon­te­napoleone. Map F4 Closed from 1 to 27 Au­gust

DON LISANDER — www.ris­torante­donlisander. it. Fashionable restau­rant with tra­di­tional Lom­bardy and re­gional Ital­ian cui­sine. Via A. Man­zoni, 12/a. T: 02 76020130. M3 Mon­te­napoleone. Map F4 Closed on 15 Au­gust

ILLY CAFFÈ— www.illy.com/mon­te­napoleone A new meet­ing point for lovers of taste and ex­cel­lence all-day din­ing. Via Mon­te­napoleone, 19 – T: 02 83549386. M3 Mon­te­napoleone. Map G4 Open daily LA VE­RANDA (C/O FOUR SEA­SONS HO­TEL MI­LANO)— www.foursea­sons.com/mi­lan Ul­tra-lux­u­ri­ous restau­rant, Mediter­ranean cui­sine, sum­mer out­door seat­ing. Via Gesù, 6/8. T: 02 77081478. M3 Mon­te­napoleone. Map G4 Open daily

NOBU MI­LAN — www. nobu­restau­rants.com Armani style with tra­di­tional Ja­panese cui­sine. Via G. Pisoni, 1. T: 02

62312645. M3 Mon­te­napoleone. Map F4 Closed from 13 to 20 Au­gust


www.man­dari­nori­en­tal.it. Fine din­ing restau­rant in a beau­ti­ful set­ting. Miche­lin­starred restau­rant. Via Monte di Pi­età, 16-18. T: 02 87318897. M3 Mon­te­napoleone. Map F4 Closed from 6 to 26 Au­gust


FASH­ION CAFÉ www.fash­ion­cafe.it Ideal set­ting for quick lunch, a din­ner with friends, an evening of mu­si­cal en­ter­tain­ment. Via San Marco, 1. T: 02 6572021. Map F3 Closed from 14 to 20 Au­gust

LA BRICIOLA www.labri­ci­ola.com Tra­di­tional Mediter­ranean cui­sine in a friendly at­mos­phere. Vip watch­ing. Via Solferino, 25 (en­trance from via Marsala, 7). T: 02 6551012. M2 Moscova. Map F3 Closed from 1 to 28 Au­gust

RIGOLO www.rigolo.it. Lom­bardy cui­sine with a trat­to­ria-like feel. Largo Treves cor­ner of via Solferino, 11. T: 02 86463220. M2 Moscova. Map F3 Closed from 4 to 29 Au­gust


AL FRESCO www.al­fres­comi­lano.it Nat­u­ral, or­ganic flavours in a charm­ing gar­den at­mos­phere. Via Savona, 50. T: 02 49533630. M2 Porta Gen­ova FS. Map C6 Closed from 14 to 20 Au­gust

AL PONT DE FERR www.pont­de­ferr.it Tra­di­tional “os­te­ria” in a warm at­mos­phere. Ripa di Porta Tici­nese, 55. T: 02 89406277. M2 Porta Gen­ova FS. Map D6 Open daily

TANO PASSAMI L'OLIO www.tanopas­samilo­lio.it. Cre­ative cui­sine based on ex­tra vir­gin olive oil with a Mediter­ranean flare. Miche­lin-starred restau­rant. Via Vil­loresi 16, cor­ner of via Pa­s­torelli. T: 02 8394139. M2 Porta Gen­ova. Map C7 Closed in Au­gust


BERBERÈ — www.berberepizza.it Se­lect piz­zas with a fo­cus on veg­e­tar­ian spe­cial­i­ties. Via Sebenico, 21. T: 02 36707820. M5 Isola. Map F1 Open daily

RATANÀ — www.ratana.it. Cre­ative Lom­bardy cui­sine in an his­toric lo­ca­tion. Via G. de Castil­lia, 28. T: 02 87128855. M2 Gioia, M2-M5 Garibaldi FS. Map F1 Closed from 11 to 29 Au­gust


AL­ICE RISTORANTE (C/O EATALY SMERALDO) www.al­iceris­torante.it. Mediter­ranean high-qual­ity cui­sine. Miche­lin­starred restau­rant. Pi­azza XXV Aprile, 10. T: 02 49497340. M2-M5 Garibaldi FS. Map F2 Closed from 13 to 16 Au­gust

ALLA CUCINA DELLE LANGHE www.trat­to­ri­aal­le­langhe.com. Pied­mon­tese cui­sine in a stylish am­bi­ence. Corso Como, 6. T: 02 6554279. M2-M5 Garibaldi FS. Map F2 Open daily

RISTORANTE BERTON www.ris­toran­te­ber­ton.it. Es­sen­tial haute cui­sine. Miche­lin-starred restau­rant. Via della Lib­er­azione, 13. T: 02 67075801. M2-M5 Garibaldi FS, M3 Repub­blica. Map F2 Closed from 12 to 29 Au­gust VER­CELLI-BELFIORE DISTRICT

DEN­ZEL www.den­zel.it. Kosher restau­rant in a wel­com­ing am­bi­ence. Via G. Wash­ing­ton, 9. T: 02 48519326. M1 Wag­ner. MapC4 Closed from 9 to 27 Au­gust

HANA RESTAU­RANT www. hanarestau­rant.it. Fu­sion cui­sine. Corso Ver­celli 37, cor­ner of via Paolo Giovio 1. T: 02 48197213. M1 Pagano. Map G4 Closed from 6 to 31 Au­gust

RE SALOMONE www.re­sa­lomone.eu Strictly kosher Mid­dle-Eastern cui­sine. Ex­cel­lent se­lec­tion of Is­raeli wines. Via Sardegna, 45. T: 02 4694643. M1 Wag­ner. Map B5 Closed in Au­gust


ACANTO RESTAU­RANT (C/O HO­TEL PRINCIPE DI SAVOIA) dorch­ester­col­lec­tion.com. Clas­sic Ital­ian cui­sine by chef Alessan­dro Buf­folino. Pi­azza della Repub­blica, 17. T: 02 62302026. M3 Repub­blica. Map G2 Open daily

SA­BA­TINI www.ris­toran­tesaba­tini.com Iconic Mi­lanese lo­ca­tion with a must-try pizza. Via R. Boscovich, 54. T: 02 29402814. M1 Lima. Map H2 Open daily

SOULGREEN www.soulgreen.com. An in­no­va­tive bistro of­fer­ing gluten-free fare and plant-based prod­ucts. Pi­az­zale Principessa Clotilde cor­ner of via Ve­spucci. T: 02 62695162. M3 Repub­blica, M2-M5 Garibaldi FS. Map F2 Closed from 7 to 21 Au­gust

STK MI­LAN Mod­ern steak­house and el­e­gant lounge. Pi­azza della Repub­blica, 13. T: 02 84220110. M3 Repub­blica. Map G2 Closed from 13 to 20 Au­gust

TERRAZZA GAL­LIA (C/O EX­CEL­SIOR HO­TEL GAL­LIA)— www.ex­cel­siorhotel­gal­lia.com

So­phis­ti­cated din­ing with a view. Pi­azza Duca d'Aosta, 9. T: 02 67851. M2-M3 Cen­trale FS. Map G1 Open daily


JOIA ALTA CUCINA NATURALE— www.joia.it Veg­e­tar­ian haute cui­sine. Miche­lin-starred restau­rant. Via P. Castaldi, T: 02 29522124. M1 Porta Venezia. Map G3 Closed from 12 to 20 Au­gust

RISTORANTE 13 GIUGNO www.ris­torante13giugno.it. The real taste of Sicily. Via C. Goldoni, 44. T: 02 719654. Map H4 Closed from 16 to 31 Au­gust


IYO www.iyo.it. The per­fect lo­ca­tion for a sushi, tep­pan, fu­sion ex­pe­ri­ence. Miche­lin­starred restau­rant. Via Piero della Francesca, 74. T: 02 45476898. M5 Do­mo­d­os­sola. Map C1 Closed from 7 to 28 Au­gust

UNICO MI­LANO www.uni­corestau­rant.it Din­ing with a strik­ing view over the city. Miche­lin-starred restau­rant. Via A. Papa, 30. T: 02 39214847. M1 QT8. Map A1 Closed from 7 to 20 Au­gust


FIN­GER'S www.fin­ger­srestau­rants.com Cre­ative Ja­panese cui­sine in a ro­man­tic at­mos­phere. Via S. Gero­lamo Emil­iani, 2. T: 02 54122675. M3 Porta Ro­mana. Map H7 Closed from 7 to 25 Au­gust

GI­ULIO PANE E OJO www.giuliopa­neojo. com. The best of tra­di­tional Ro­man cui­sine. Via L. Mu­ra­tori, 10. T: 02 5456189. M3 Porta Ro­mana. Map G6 Open daily

At FIN­GER'S the ine­bri­at­ing aro­mas of Ja­panese and Ital­ian cui­sine com­bine in dishes in­fused with a wealth of con­tem­po­rary flavours.

'Bac­calà man­te­cato' (creamed dried cod), a stand­out of D'O's min­i­mal­ist, tasty cui­sine.

Headed by Ex­ec­u­tive Chef Mat­teo Vig­otti, AL PECK of­fers a range of tra­di­tional Mi­lanese favourites, in­clud­ing this 'risotto'.

Sim­ple yet in­no­va­tive, PONT DE FERR's cui­sine fo­cuses on high-qual­ity, sea­sonal in­gre­di­ents.

TERRAZZA TRI­EN­NALE - OS­TE­RIA CON VISTA — www.ter­raz­za­tri­en­nale.org. Ital­ian cui­sine by Ste­fano Cer­veni. High above the city. Viale Ale­magna, 6. T: 02 36644340. M1-M2 Cadorna FN. Map D3 Closed from 14 to 21 Au­gust

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