Ia Toledo is one of the main ar­ter­ies of Naples. It winds be­tween pi­azza Dante and pi­azza Tri­este and Trento and is home to a vast panorama of win­dow dis­plays in­clud­ing his­toric shops, old phar­ma­cies and pas­tic­cerie boast­ing early 19th cen­tury and Art Nou

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will find them­selves en­meshed in the closely- knit maze of crowded al­ley­ways of the Span­ish Quar­ter. Built to house the Span­ish troops in the 15th cen­tury, they are the quin­tes­sence of Neapoli­tan life: colours, sounds and scenery, wash­ing- strung streets, work­shops crammed with ob­jects and the so- called “bassi”, one or two- roomed hov­els on street level. Not a safe neigh­bour­hood to visit at night; make sure not to carry or wear any valu­ables with you when vis­it­ing the area. Dat­ing back to the 16th cen­tury, shop- heavy Via Toledo is a must- visit des­ti­na­tion for Neapoli­tan shop­ping and cul­tural life. Al­most en­tirely pedes­tri­an­ized, it is also known as the “city”, on ac­count of its be­ing densely pop­u­lated with of­fices and banks, of­ten housed in his­toric “palazzi”.

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