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Cur­rently on stage at the Pic­colo Bellini theatre in Naples, Week End, writ­ten by An­ni­bale Ruc­cello in 1983, is the last drama of the tril­ogy of Cham­ber Theatre which in­cludes ‘ Not­turno di donna con os­piti’ and ‘ Le cinque rose di Jen­nifer’. Con­sid­ered by many to be Ruc­cello’s most per­fect and pro­found work, it is also one of his lesser- known plays. An un­miss­able mas­ter­piece fur­ther en­hanced by cre­ative di­rec­tor­ship and a cast of top- notch ac­tors. Pic­colo Bellini. Via Conte di Ruvo, 14, Naples. T: 0815491266 www. teatro­bellini. it

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