‘Bottega dei sapori e dei saperi della le­gal­ità’

Ly­ing at the foot of Mt. Ve­su­vius you will find a shop sell­ing prod­ucts grown on land con­fis­cated from the Mafia. Where there was once death and Camorra, there is now work and le­gal­ity

Where Naples Coast & Islands - - SHOPPING - Gep­pino Fiorenza

In Naples, there is now a shop sell­ing prod­ucts grown on land con­fis­cated from the Mafia: pasta, wine, oil and bis­cuits based on le­gal­ity. The Neapoli­tan ‘Bottega dei sapori e dei saperi della le­gal­ità’ was founded in 2007 thanks to an­timafia as­so­ci­a­tion ‘Lib­era’. Gep­pino Fiorenza, a for­mer leader of Lib­era for Cam­pa­nia (the re­gional leader is cur­rently Fabio Gi­u­liani) and a mem­ber of the sci­en­tific com­mit­tee of the ‘Fon­dazione Pol.i.s’, whose ob­jec­tives in­clude sup­port­ing the in­no­cent vic­tims of or­ga­nized crime and pro­mot­ing the as­sets seized from the Mafia, talked to Where about it. «15 shops like this ex­ist in Italy. This was one of the first. It is a place that has a strong sym­bolic mean­ing: on lands, build­ings and houses where in­no­cent vic­tims were once ter­ror­ized or killed by the Mafia, we now pro­duce bi­o­log­i­cally cer­ti­fied, high-qual­ity prod­ucts which are sold at retail prices. The as­sets con­fis­cated from the Mafia are given on free loan to Lib­era and then man­aged by co­op­er­a­tives who ac­quire the rights to them by par­tic­i­pat­ing in open pub­lic ten­ders. We sell all types of pasta, wine, jams, honey, bis­cuits, chili pep­per, coffee and porce­lain but also books about the spe­cific is­sues dealt with by Lib­era. We also sell a ‘Pacco alla camorra’, a ‘Camorra-free ham­per’ con­tain­ing the high-qual­ity, or­ganic prod­ucts of Cam­pa­nia-based co­op­er­a­tives that work the lands that once be­longed to the fam­i­lies of Camorra bosses such as Zaza and Schi­avone: with their prod­ucts and their work, th­ese young peo­ple deal a sym­bolic blow against the Camorra. And then we also boast im­por­tant in­ter­na­tional re­la­tion­ships. For ex­am­ple, the Bri­tish and Ger­man con­sulates have of­ten used our prod­ucts for of­fi­cial events. Fur­ther­more, thanks to an agree­ment with the Ger­man tourist as­so­ci­a­tion Stu­dio­sus, over the past two years, we have seen the ar­rival of as many as 1,500 tourists from Ger­many. Tourists are fas­ci­nated by the shop: they are used to as­so­ci­at­ing Naples with the Camorra while here they can ac­tu­ally see that ev­ery­thing is le­gal and above board. Come and visit us».

napoli@is­apor­idel­lale­galita.it La bottega dei sapori e dei saperi della Le­gal­ità. Via Raf­faele De Ce­sare, 22, Naples. T: 0817643575

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