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1 OPERA: “Norma”. Mu­sic by Vin­cenzo Bellini. Teatro San Carlo, Naples

2 ART: “My na­ture”. Col­lec­tive ex­hi­bi­tion. Gal­le­ria P.R.A.C., Naples

MU­SI­CAL: “Ra­pun­zel”, based on the fairy­tale

3 by the Grimm Brothers. Teatro Au­gus­teo, Naples

THEATRE: “Mono­logue avec valise”. By and

4 with Gueras­sim Dich­liev. Pic­colo Bellini, Naples

5 ART: “Yoga at the mu­seum”. Museo Diego Arag­ona Pig­natelli Cortes, Naples

6 THEATRE: “The teeth be­hind the kisses”. Pic­colo Bellini, Naples

7 CON­CERT: “10 years solo live. Brad Mehldau”. Teatro Bellini, Naples

8 MU­SIC: Francesco De Gre­gori in con­cert. Teatro Au­gus­teo, Naples

9 THEATRE: “Ham­let trav­es­tie”. Com­pag­nia Punta Cor­sara. Teatro Bellini, Naples

10 THEATRE: “The liar”, by Carlo Goldoni. Teatro Mer­cadante, Naples

11 MU­SI­CAL: “Grease”. Teatro Pala­partenope, Naples

12 ART: “The mem­ory of the city”. Solo ex­hi­bi­tion by Pedro Cano. Gal­le­ria Prac, Naples

13 OPERA: “Fal­staff”. Con­ducted by Pin­chas Stein­berg. Teatro San Carlo, Naples

14 CON­CERT: Recital by mez­zoso­prano Daniela Bar­cel­lona. Teatro San Carlo, Naples

15 THEATRE: “Can­dide”, by Mark Raven­hill. Teatro Mer­cadante, Naples

16 ART: “Italy at war”. Archivio di Stato, Salerno

17 MU­SIC: Negrita in con­cert. Casa della Mu­sica Fed­erico I, Naples

18 THEATRE: “Ninety two. Fal­cone and Borsellino 20 years later”. Teatro Bellini, Naples

19 THEATRE: “Aran­cia Mec­ca­nica”, by An­tonhy Burgess. Teatro Bellini, Naples

20 MU­SIC: Nuovo Trio Par­si­fal in con­cert. Mas­chio An­gioino, Naples

21 ART: “Axer/Désaxer”. Site-spe­cific work by Daniel Buren. Museo Madre, Naples

22 MU­SIC: Daniele Sil­vestri in con­cert. Teatro Au­gus­teo, Naples

23 MU­SIC: Franco Battiato and Alice in con­cert. Teatro Au­gus­teo, Naples

24 FAIRS: “Napoli Sen­zatom­ica”. Real Al­bergo dei Poveri, Naples

25 ART: “Cuore lon­tano, cuore mes­si­cano”. Isti­tuto Cer­vantes, Naples

26 ART: “Hu­mans & Love”. Re­nais­sance Naples Ho­tel Mediter­ra­neo, Naples

27 ART: “Seven works for mercy”. Pio Monte della Mis­eri­cor­dia, Naples

28 FAIRS: “Nauticsud”. Nau­ti­cal Event. Mos­tra d’Ol­tremare, Naples

29 THEATRE: “Bur­lesque op­eretta”, by Emma Dante. Teatro Bellini, Naples

30 THEATRE: “Toni Servillo reads Naples”. Teatro Nuovo, Naples

31 BAL­LET: “Coppélia”. Chore­og­ra­phy by Roland Pe­tit. Teatro San Carlo, Naples

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