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Hafa Sto­rie

A Piedmont Mo­roc­can restau­rant. In Turin, this is fairly com­mon be­cause the city’s sec­ond largest for­eign com­mu­nity is the Mo­roc­can com­mu­nity, and the restau­rant is lo­cated in Porta Palazzo, the city’s multi- eth­nic dis­trict par ex­cel­lence. While the Pied­mon­tese of­fer­ings are cre­ated by Chris­tian Milone, a young, tal­ented starred chef hail­ing from Trat­to­ria Zap­pa­tori in Pinerolo, the Mo­roc­can dishes are pre­pared by Aicha the cook. Be­tween a seven- veg­etable cous­cous and a braise with po­lenta, this restau­rant lays the foun­da­tions for a har­mo­nious, pro­duc­tive cul­tural ex­change. Open Tues- Fri 11am- 3pm/ 5pm12.30am; Sat 10am-12.30am; Sun 11.30am- 4.30pm. €€. hafas­to­ Gal­le­ria Um­berto I, 10/13.

T: 011 19486765. Map F2

Kay Essenza Peru­viana & Pis­co­bar

Lo­cated in the Cro­cetta dis­trict, this toplevel Peru­vian restau­rant is helmed by a team of young, knowl­edge­able staff. The menu em­braces the tra­di­tional flavours of ev­ery re­gion in Peru, from its coast to its moun­tains, right up to the Ama­zo­nian forests, in­ter­preted with a gourmet twist. Sig­na­ture dishes in­clude Fas­sona beef tartare with fried mar­row bone and spicy may­on­naise, mar­i­nated scal­lops and tapi­oca, ce­viches and even a South Amer­i­can in­ter­pre­ta­tion of Piedmont’s clas­sic ‘ bag­netto verde’ ( green sauce), ac­com­pa­nied by a care­fully se­lected choice of Piedmont wines. Open Tues-Sat 12 noon-2.45pm/ 7pm-10.30pm; Sun 12 noon-2.45pm. €€. kayessen­za­pe­ru­vianapis­co­bar. busi­ness. site. Via E. Tor­ri­celli, 59. T: 011 5096002. Map F2

Oh Crispa!

If you’re look­ing for Chi­nese street food that’s as good as any you’ll find in Shang­hai, then you’ve come to the right place. The kitchen is headed by a Chi­nese/Asti cou­ple who pre­pare Chi­nese crepes stuffed with meat, Tofu or veg­eta­bles, the by now ubiq­ui­tous Baos, steamed buns filled with pork or crab, ar­ti­sanal ravi­oli in broth, and spe­cials that vary from day to day. All the dishes fea­tured on the menu are made from care­fully se­lected, strictly Pied­mon­tese in­gre­di­ents. Open Tues 6.30pm-11pm; Wed-Sat 12.30pm- 3pm/6.30pm11pm; Sun 12.30pm- 3pm/6.30pm-10.30pm. Via Belfiore, 16bis/d. €. T: 339 6112705. Off Map

Ori­en­tal Daily by Kiki

In ad­di­tion to clas­sic sushi, sashimi and tem­pura, this fu­sion restau­rant also serves spicy meat and fish cur­ries, ra­men, steam­ing noo­dles, Pad Thai, steamed ravi­oli, tartare, tataki and other cre­atives dishes. In­dulge your sweet tooth with one of the venue’s orig­i­nal desserts in­clud­ing Azuki bean ice cream and sweet Chawan­mush, an egg cus­tard dish filled with cher­ries and wild berries. Ex­cel­lent value for money. Open Mon- Fri 12.30pm-2.30pm/ 7pm10.30pm; Sat 7pm-10.30pm. €€. www.ori­en­tal­ Via Ce­sana, 72. T: 011 4470067. Off Map

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