“Ve­cio” in Ve­ne­tian means ‘old' but Ve­cio Fri­to­lin, an hi­sto­ric lo­ca­le tuc­ked away in an al­ley, has been gi­ven a ma­keo­ver and now of­fers a se­lec­tion of gour­met spe­cial­ties pre­pa­red by two chefs. By Ele­na Binda

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Head to the Ve­cio Fri­to­lin, an hi­sto­ric lo­ca­le of­fe­ring a se­lec­tion of gour­met spe­cial­ties pre­pa­red by two chefs

Hi­gh-qua­li­ty cui­si­ne re­qui­res the fi­ne­st, sea­so­nal in­gre­dien­ts. For this rea­son, eve­ry day, Iri­na Fre­guia, the ow­ner and brain­child of Ve­cio Fri­to­lin, a po­si­ti­ve, en­ter­pri­sing wo­man who lo­ves good food and ho­spi­ta­li­ty, heads to the Rialto mar­ket – the ol­de­st in the ci­ty, lo­ca­ted ju­st steps from the re­stau­rant – to sour­ce the fre­she­st meat, fi­sh and ve­ge­ta­bles. This lo­ca­le boasts an age-old hi­sto­ry. For­mer­ly an old-style ‘ba­ca­ro', or small unas­su­ming ta­vern, whe­re guests could sa­vour a snack and a glass of wi­ne,

Ve­cio Fri­to­lin has held pri­de of pla­ce in San­ta Cro­ce sin­ce the 18th cen­tu­ry. Al­thou­gh it has now been tran­sfor­med in­to a re­stau­rant, it has lo­st no­ne of the old-school charm that ma­kes it one of the mo­st plea­sant pla­ces in Venice for a spe­cial oc­ca­sion meal. The kit­chen is man­ned by two chefs: Pier­lui­gi Lo­vi­sa, boa­sting 40 years of ex­pe­rien­ce in the business, is the ‘di­rec­tor' of this hi­sto­ric lo­ca­le, fea­tu­red in gui­des world­wi­de, whi­le 26 yea­rold Raf­fae­le Mi­nu­te, the young, crea­ti­ve soul of the re­stau­rant, is mo­re orien­ted to­wards ex­pe­ri­men­ta­tion, up­gra­ding des­serts, hors d'oeu­vres and se­ve­ral other di­shes ser­ved at the re­stau­rant wi­th a con­tem­po­ra­ry twi­st. In ad­di­tion to fea­tu­ring a mix­tu­re of tra­di­tio­nal and in­no­va­ti­ve fa­re, wi­th an em­pha­sis on sea­food (in­clu­ding se­ve­ral Ve­ne­tian spe­cial­ties that can­not be found el­sewhe­re), the menu al­so ca­ters to the re­qui­re­men­ts of Ve­ge­ta­rians, Ve­gans and in­di­vi­duals suf­fe­ring from Ce­liac di­sea­se. Hi­ghlights in­clu­de na­tu­ral­ly lea­ve­ned bread, ho­me­ma­de bread sticks, bron­ze ex­tru­ded pa­sta and ar­ti­sa­nal des­serts. >> Ve­cio Fri­to­lin

San­ta Cro­ce, 2262 (Cal­le del­la Re­gi­na). T: 041 5222881. www.ve­cio­fri­to­lin.it

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