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This mon­th's round-up of sho­ws, art ex­hi­bi­tions, and mu­sic.


The fir­st mu­seum ex­hi­bi­tion de­di­ca­ted to the art of the ‘Sa­lons de la Ro­se+Croix' or­ga­ni­zed in Pa­ris bet­ween 1892 and 1897 by au­thor, cri­tic, and Ro­si­cru­cian Jo­sé­phin Pé­la­dan. Ima­ges of fem­mes fra­gi­les and fa­ta­les, an­dro­gy­nous crea­tu­res, chi­me­ras, and in­cu­bi are the key the­mes of the works di­splayed. Fea­tu­ring hi­ghlights from the Sa­lons, the Gug­ge­n­heim ex­hi­bi­tion in­clu­des ap­pro­xi­ma­te­ly for­ty works by a cross sec­tion of ar­tists – so­me fa­mi­liar, others less so – and in­vi­tes a fre­sh look at and new scho­lar­ship on the le­ga­cies of la­te ni­ne­teen­th-cen­tu­ry Sym­bo­li­st art. Free gui­ded tours eve­ry day at 3.30pm.

Mystical Symbolism: The Sa­lon de la Ro­se+Croix in Pa­ris, 1892-1897.

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