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The mo­st ex­clu­si­ve col­lec­tions of Ve­ne­tian ar­ti­stic per­fu­me­ry are in­spi­red by the tra­di­tion of the Se­re­nis­si­ma, its craf­tsman­ship and its age-old tra­de wi­th the Far Ea­st. Exem­pli­fy­ing the ideal com­bi­na­tion of the art of per­fu­me­ry wi­th the ar­ti­stic glass pro­duc­tion of Mu­ra­no, the Mu­ra­no Art Col­lec­tion com­bi­nes the hi­ghe­st ol­fac­to­ry aspi­ra­tions wi­th the sty­li­stic ele­gan­ce of hand­ma­de va­ses craf­ted in a li­mi­ted edi­tion by ma­ster glas­sblo­wers: the fra­gran­ces are crea­ted wi­th the mo­st va­lua­ble and pre­mie­re qua­li­ty raw ma­te­rials, and fur­ther en­han­ced by a ve­ry hi­gh per­fu­me con­tent that gua­ran­tees an ex­cep­tio­nal dif­fu­si­ve po­wer and per­si­sten­ce. The com­bi­na­tion of the­se two sou­gh-af­ter pro­duc­ts of­fers cu­sto­mers a unique fra­gran­ce and an ele­gant, ex­clu­si­ve ho­me-dé­cor ob­ject. www.the­mer­chan­to­f­ve­ni­

Flag­ship Sto­re San Mar­co, 1895 (Cam­po San Fan­tin). T: 041 2960559.

Spe­zie­ria all'Er­co­le d'Oro Can­na­re­gio, 2233 (Stra­da No­va, San­ta Fo­sca). T: 041 720600. Con­cept Sto­re Mu­ra­no Fon­da­men­ta dei Ve­trai, 114 (Mu­ra­no). T: 041 5274297.

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