The phe­no­me­non of 'ac­qua al­ta'

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Ac­qua al­ta (Hi­gh Wa­ter) is a Ve­ne­tian phe­no­me­non that in­vol­ves the en­ti­re ci­ty when ei­ther the pla­ne­ta­ry ti­des – the Sci­roc­co wind and wa­ve mo­tion in the Adria­tic, or a com­bi­na­tion of all the­se ele­men­ts – cau­se an in­crea­sed flow of wa­ter in­to Venice's la­goon. When this hap­pens, the ci­ty is floo­ded. Whi­le cau­sing tou­rists se­rious in­con­ve­nien­ce, the ‘ac­qua al­ta' is not at all li­ke the ex­pe­rien­ce de­scri­bed in the hor­ror sto­ries that do the rounds ea­ch win­ter. For a ci­ty built on wa­ter, it's a way of li­fe and even a one-of-a-kind ex­pe­rien­ce. If you hap­pen to be in Venice on an ‘ac­qua al­ta' day (on ave­ra­ge, it oc­curs on­ce eve­ry th­ree years) in­ve­st in a pair of wel­lies, arm your­self wi­th a ca­me­ra and ex­plo­re the ci­ty to your heart's con­tent. In­for­ma­tion and up­da­tes on­mu­­ne­­ree.

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