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The Mu­seum Pass is a com­bi­ned tic­ket that of­fers ac­cess to all the per­ma­nent col­lec­tions of Venice's ci­vic and af­fi­lia­ted museums. The Pass is va­lid for 6 mon­ths and al­lo­ws one en­try per mu­seum si­te.

Full pri­ce tic­ket €24 > This tic­ket is va­lid for: the Mu­seum of St Mark's Squa­re (Do­ge's Pa­la­ce, Museo Cor­rer, Museo Ar­cheo­lo­gi­co Na­zio­na­le, Mo­nu­men­tal Rooms of the Bi­blio­te­ca Na­zio­na­le Mar­cia­na), Ca' Rez­zo­ni­co-Mu­seum of 18th-Cen­tu­ry Art, Mu­seum of Pa­laz­zo Mo­ce­ni­go and Mu­seum of Tex­ti­les and Co­stu­mes, Car­lo Gol­do­ni's Hou­se, Ca' Pe­sa­ro-In­ter­na­tio­nal Gal­le­ry of Mo­dern

Art + Orien­tal Art Mu­seum, Glass Mu­seum in Mu­ra­no, La­ce Mu­seum in Burano and Mu­seum of Na­tu­ral Hi­sto­ry. In­fo & Re­ser­va­tions: www.vi­sit­mu­ve.it Call cen­ter 848 082000.

From abroad +39 041 42730892.

Museo Cor­rer

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