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In December, Venice de­lights lo­cals and tou­rists wi­th its ma­gi­cal, in­ti­ma­te at­mo­sphe­re. The twin­kling fai­ry lights of its mi­st-sh­rou­ded ‘cal­li' are re­flec­ted in the wa­ters of its ca­nals, ma­king this ci­ty even mo­re ro­man­tic.

On the con­tra­ry, the dazz­le and spar­kle of lights in­si­de its ‘pa­laz­zi' are sim­ply gor­geous and can be en­joyed du­ring a festive con­cert at the Scuo­la Gran­de di San Teo­do­ro (be­low) or whi­le shopping at T Fon­da­co dei Te­de­schi (be­low right). For tho­se wi­shing to im­mer­se them­sel­ves in lo­cal tra­di­tions, an ab­so­lu­te ‘mu­st' is a vi­sit to the Chie­sa del­la Sa­lu­te who­se ai­sle is strewn wi­th a sump­tuous car­pet of flo­wers.

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