A two-day break in the ‘pearl of the Do­lo­mi­tes'

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Ju­st a two-hour dri­ve from Venice, Cor­ti­na is a mu­st-vi­sit de­sti­na­tion espe­cial­ly at Ch­rist­mas when the to­wn is sh­rou­ded in snow and dec­ked out wi­th Ch­rist­mas lights. Skiers can choo­se from among a num­ber of slo­pes in­clu­ding the pi­ste on whi­ch the Ita­lian win­ter Olym­pics we­re held in 1956 or the Fa­lo­ria pi­ste who­se re­fu­ge of­fers a brea­th­ta­king view over the Do­lo­mi­tes. Ski equi­p­ment can be hi­red from Jgor (www.jgor­skiand­mo­re.com).

Af­ter an ac­ti­ve day on the slo­pes, the­re's no bet­ter way to re­lax and re­ju­ve­na­te than at a Spa (a po­pu­lar op­tion is the Era­to Well­ness Spa at the Ho­tel Bel­le­vue (www.bel­le­vue­cor­ti­na.com/it/spa). En­croa­ching twi­light is the si­gnal that it's ti­me for an ape­ri­ti­vo. The re­sort's go-to de­sti­na­tion is the Grill del Po­sta (www.de­la­po­ste.it) fea­tu­ring a ty­pi­cal Am­pez­zo-style stu­be.

Cor­ti­na of­fers guests a se­lec­tion of top-not­ch re­stau­ran­ts. Among the­se, stan­dou­ts for tra­di­tio­nal fa­re in­clu­de El Tu­là (www.tou­la.it),

Vil­la Oret­ta, who­se menu fea­tu­res an unu­sual com­bi­na­tion of moun­tain cui­si­ne in­fu­sed wi­th ty­pi­cal Ve­ne­tian flavours (www.vil­lao­ret­ta.com) or Ho­tel Ala­ska who­se pre­sti­gious re­stau­rant is hea­ded by re­no­w­ned chef Clau­dio Sfil­ler. For the be­st hot cho­co­la­te in to­wn, an ab­so­lu­te mu­st is Pa­stic­ce­ria Lo­vat in the cen­tre of to­wn. (www.cor­ti­na­do­lo­mi­ti.eu/IT/bar-lo­vat).

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