Glam, the brand new so­phi­sti­ca­ted re­stau­rant by Mi­che­lin-star­red chef En­ri­co Bar­to­li­ni, is lo­ca­ted in­si­de the stun­ning Pa­laz­zo Ve­nart Lu­xu­ry Ho­tel. By Si­mo­na P.K. Da­vid­di

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Glam, the brand new so­phi­sti­ca­ted re­stau­rant on the Grand Ca­nal, was awar­ded its fir­st Mi­che­lin star in No­vem­ber 2017

Ju­st one year af­ter it ope­ned, this pre­sti­gious re­stau­rant, lo­ca­ted in a pri­me po­si­tion over­loo­king the Grand Ca­nal, was awar­ded its fir­st Mi­che­lin star in No­vem­ber 2017. Set wi­thin a tran­quil, se­clu­ded cor­ner of Venice, far re­mo­ved from the hu­stle and bu­stle of St. Mark's Squa­re, Glam is si­tua­ted in­si­de Pa­laz­zo Ve­nart, the Se­re­nis­si­ma's la­te­st lu­xu­ry ho­tel.

The brain­child be­hind its me­nu is En­ri­co Bar­to­li­ni, the on­ly Ita­lian chef boa­sting four star­red re­stau­ran­ts for a grand to­tal of fi­ve Mi­che­lin stars (al­so in Mi­lan, Ber­ga­mo and Ca­sti­glio­ne del­la Pe­sca­ia). He has al­so ju­st ope­ned a pro­mi­sing new re­stau­rant in Bo­lo­gna. Du­ring the day, the re­stau­rant's in­ti­ma­te, con­ser­va­toi­re-sty­le dining room whi­ch over­looks a cour­tyard, is lit by a lar­ge glas­sfron­ted win­dow of­fe­ring brea­th­ta­king views over the Grand Ca­nal and se­ve­ral of the ci­ty's mo­st stun­ning pa­la­ces. At night, the re­stau­rant is ba­thed in a mo­re ro­man­tic am­bian­ce, en­han­ced by suf­fu­sed lighting and the de­tails of the ve­nue's mi­ni­ma­li­st, chic dé­cor. The re­stau­rant, hel­med by re­si­dent chef Do­na­to Asca­ni, ser­ves tra­di­tio­nal Ve­ne­tian di­shes up­gra­ded wi­th a fu­tu­ri­stic twi­st and en­ri­ched wi­th con­tem­po­ra­ry pai­rings that in­ten­si­fy the fa­bu­lous flavours of the La­goon.

Ri­chly ima­gi­na­ti­ve, the cui­si­ne fo­cu­ses on a ca­re­ful se­lec­tion of fre­sh, sea­so­nal mar­ket produce. The who­le is com­ple­men­ted by an ex­ten­si­ve wi­ne li­st that in ad­di­tion, to fea­tu­ring the be­st vin­ta­ges from the Ve­ne­to re­gion, boasts an im­pres­si­ve se­lec­tion of the be­st Fren­ch and Ita­lian la­bels. www.pa­laz­zo­ve­nart.com/en/re­stau­rant-bar

>> Glam Re­stau­rant c/o Pa­laz­zo Ve­nart. San­ta Cro­ce, 1961. T: 041 5235676.

En­ri­co Bar­to­li­ni

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