Not on­ly the mo­st fa­mous pic­tu­re post­card of the ci­ty, and the great heart of Venice, St. Mark's is a hea­dy mix of hi­sto­ry, art and con­tra­dic­tions. The mee­ting wi­th this unique ci­ty starts he­re... By Ele­na Bin­da

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The great heart of Venice, the Ba­si­li­ca di San Mar­co, wel­co­mes wor­ship­pers and tou­rists ali­ke

The great heart of Venice, the Ba­si­li­ca of San Mar­co is one of Ita­ly's and the world's mo­st re­co­gni­za­ble (and pho­to­gra­phed) land­marks and the ci­ty's mo­st im­por­tant chur­ch. Its dazz­ling po­ly­chro­me faça­de wi­th its mar­bles and mo­saics, spi­res and do­mes, and fa­mous win­ged lion, the sym­bol of the ci­ty for cen­tu­ries, is re­vea­led in all of its glo­ry.

The in­te­rior, fea­tu­ring an abun­dan­ce of ex­qui­si­te­ly gil­ded By­zan­ti­ne mo­saics, is de­fi­ni­te­ly wor­th a vi­sit. A vi­sit to its Mu­seum and trea­su­ry, lo­ca­ted on the up­per floor, is a not-to­be-mis­sed highlight. Whi­le in the area, ma­ke su­re to ascend to the top of its bell to­wer, whi­ch of­fers su­perb views over the ci­ty.

The Ba­si­li­ca of San Mar­co is a Ca­tho­lic chur­ch that wel­co­mes wor­ship­pers and tou­rists ali­ke. This is a pla­ce of wor­ship and on en­te­ring vi­si­tors are asked to re­spect the ru­les: ap­pro­pria­te clo­thing mu­st be worn, ta­king pho­to­gra­phs is for­bid­den and vi­si­tors are asked to lo­wer their voi­ces at all ti­mes.

The chur­ch is open dai­ly for prayer and at cer­tain ti­mes or on cer­tain days it is en­ti­re­ly gi­ven over to re­li­gious ce­re­mo­nies and vi­si­ts are su­spen­ded. For rea­sons of sa­fe­ty, hea­vy lug­ga­ge mu­st be left ou­tsi­de (lug­ga­ge can be de­po­si­ted in Ate­neo

San Bas­so, in Piaz­zet­ta dei Leon­ci­ni, in front of the Por­ta dei Fio­ri, nor­th fa­ca­de). >> Ba­si­li­ca di San Mar­co San Mar­co, 328

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