If you feel li­ke gam­bling in to­wn, the­re are two great op­tions for you: Ca' Ven­dra­min Ca­ler­gi, Venice's ol­de­st Ca­si­nò, and Ca' No­ghe­ra, Ita­ly's fir­st Ame­ri­can sty­le-ca­si­no.

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Di­sco­ver two great ca­si­nos in Venice: Ca'Ven­dra­min Ca­ler­gi and Ca' No­ghe­ra, lo­ca­ted ju­st mi­nu­tes from the Mar­co Po­lo Air­port

Lo­ca­ted in the se­stie­re of Can­na­re­gio, Ca' Ven­dra­min Ca­ler­gi is Venice's mo­st hi­sto­ric ca­si­no. This ma­je­stic pa­la­ce, built bet­ween the 15th and the 16th cen­tu­ries, fa­ces the Grand Ca­nal and is re­mem­be­red as the pla­ce whe­re com­po­ser Ri­chard Wa­gner died. To­day, the pa­la­ce is ho­me to the Venice Ca­si­no and to the Wa­gner Mu­seum.

On­ce the re­si­den­ce of the do­ges, it quic­kly esta­bli­shed itself as a so­phi­sti­ca­ted set­ting for the mo­st clas­sic ga­mes, and bea­ting heart of the ci­ty's gam­bling sce­ne. Rou­let­te, tra­di­tio­nal card ga­mes, and spec­ta­cu­lar slot ma­chi­nes ma­ke this pla­ce the perfect spot for a th­ril­ling night in Venice, af­ter shop­ping in the Can­na­re­gio area.

Gour­met Ita­lian de­li­ca­tes­sen and fi­sh spe­cial­ties are a mu­st at the Ca' Ven­dra­min re­stau­rant, de­di­ca­ted to the great com­po­ser who used to li­ve he­re. The Wa­gner Re­stau­rant of­fers the ex­clu­si­ve plea­su­re of re­fi­ned dining for 150 peo­ple, in rooms that ha­ve been splen­did­ly de­co­ra­ted by Pal­ma il Gio­va­ne wi­th Gian Bat­ti­sta Cro­sa­to fre­scoes. A new Grill Bar has ope­ned in the Loun­ge Bar area on the se­cond floor.

Ga­mes avai­la­ble: Fren­ch Rou­let­te, Fair Rou­let­te, Che­min de Fer, Black Jack, Ca­rib­bean Po­ker, Pun­to Ban­co and Slot Ma­chi­nes. Ca' No­ghe­ra, a mo­re mo­dern al­ter­na­ti­ve to the ci­ty's clas­sic, char­ming Ca' Ven­dra­min, is Ita­ly's fir­st Ame­ri­can-sty­le ca­si­no. Ope­ned in 1999, it is lo­ca­ted clo­se to the Mar­co Po­lo Air­port wi­th a free shut­tle from Me­stre to

Ca' No­ghe­ra. This unique lo­ca­le of­fers mo­re than 5,000 squa­re me­ters of entertainment, in­clu­ding a brand new po­ker room for Te­xas Hold'em tour­na­men­ts. Other hi­ghlights in­clu­de over 600 next ge­ne­ra­tion slot ma­chi­nes, an Entertainment Are­na ho­sting con­certs, fa­shion sho­ws and per­for­man­ces, as well as th­ree re­stau­ran­ts.

Ga­mes avai­la­ble: Fair Rou­let­te, Fren­ch Rou­let­te, Che­min de Fer, Black Jack, Ca­rib­bean Po­ker, Te­xas Hold'em Po­ker, Pun­to Ban­co and Slot Ma­chi­nes.

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