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From Sa­tur­day 27 Ja­nua­ry to Tue­sday 13 Fe­brua­ry, Venice will co­me ali­ve wi­th pa­ra­des, con­certs, per­for­man­ces and grand balls. Carnival is an event in­vol­ving mon­ths of pre­pa­ra­tion, whi­ch the lo­cals con­si­der a part of their iden­ti­ty… ul­ti­ma­te­ly they ma­na­ge to tran­sform the­se in­to oc­ca­sions of su­ch im­por­tan­ce that they at­tract vi­si­tors from all over the world. Pre­pa­re your ma­sks and en­joy the par­ty!

On Sa­tur­day 27 Ja­nua­ry, the an­nual Carnival of Venice kicks off in the di­strict of Rio di Can­na­re­gio wi­th the "Fe­sta Ve­ne­zia­na on the Wa­ter", a spec­ta­cu­lar free wa­ter show whi­ch, ea­ch year, at­trac­ts thou­sands of spec­ta­tors – re­peat per­for­man­ces are held at 6pm and 8pm. This spec­ta­cu­lar show, ce­le­bra­ting the carnival the­me of ‘Beau­ty, the Sea and Va­ni­ty', is per­for­med on floa­ting struc­tu­res amid­st an ex­plo­sion of ima­ges and mu­sic. Fe­sti­vi­ties con­ti­nue on Sun­day 28 Ja­nua­ry at 11am wi­th a wa­ter pa­ra­de by Venice's Ro­wing As­so­cia­tion and food and wi­ne tours fea­tu­ring lo­cal Ve­ne­tian spe­cial­ties.

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