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A perfect blend of ti­me­less art and con­tem­po­ra­ry de­si­gn, ea­ch Venini pro­duct is a work of art. One su­ch exam­ple is this va­se from the li­mi­ted edi­tion ‘Black Belt' col­lec­tion, de­si­gned by re­no­w­ned New York ar­chi­tect Pe­ter Ma­ri­no in col­la­bo­ra­tion wi­th Venini's ma­ster glass ma­kers: see­min­gly sim­ple geo­me­tries are in­tert­wi­ned in a play of li­near con­trasts, amid­st sub­tle nuan­ces of co­lour and black bands, crea­ted by pul­ling and laye­ring them hot on top of the glass.

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