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A unique sty­le de­si­gned for Lau­ren Hut­ton in the mo­vie 'Ame­ri­can Gi­go­lò', this ex­clu­si­ve clut­ch is rewor­ked in the exact sa­me sha­pe and Co­balt Blue as the ori­gi­nal pie­ce. Na­med ‘The Lau­ren 1980' in ho­nour of the ac­tress, it's craf­ted from si­gna­tu­re In­trec­cia­to Nap­pa wi­th a seam­less pou­ch and ri­gid rim.

The top is fa­ste­ned wi­th a ma­gnet but­ton flap and in­si­de it's fit­ted wi­th a zip­ped poc­ket.­te­ga­ve­ne­

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