A trip to Ve­ni­ce is a unique ex­pe­rien­ce: to ma­ke su­re it’s un­for­get­ta­ble, he­re are so­me in­si­der tips to ma­ke the mo­st of your vi­sit.

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If being a tou­ri­st is your way of li­fe, an in­stinc­ti­ve mind­set, being a tou­ri­st in Ve­ni­ce is a pri­vi­le­ge and an art. The glo­rious hi­sto­ry of the Se­re­nis­si­ma left stun­ning exam­ples of ar­chi­tec­tu­re th­rou­ghout the ci­ty, han­ding do­wn a ri­ch cul­tu­ral he­ri­ta­ge. This he­ri­ta­ge en­com­pas­ses a num­ber of small yet fun­da­men­tal de­crees. Ve­ni­ce is an ‘ele­gant grand da­me' and de­ser­ves to be trea­ted wi­th re­spect by obey­ing the pro­to­cols of good be­ha­viour. Whe­re® Ve­ni­ce has

dra­wn up a small hand­book of ‘do's and ‘don'ts' to en­su­re that vi­si­tors ha­ve a chan­ce to ful­ly en­joy the ci­ty whi­le ho­nou­ring its peo­ple, mo­nu­men­ts and lo­cal tra­di­tions.

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