Lu­xu­ry Top Brands

A new ad­di­tion eve­ry day! The world of de­si­gner bou­ti­ques in Ve­ni­ce is ma­king wa­ves, and the ma­jo­ri­ty of big-na­me brands are lo­ca­ted around St. Mark's Squa­re, the great heart of Ve­ni­ce. By hea­ding towards the Ac­ca­de­mia from St. Mark's Squa­re, you will fin

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T FON­DA­CO DEI TE­DE­SCHI—Tfon­da­ Cal­le del Fon­te­go dei Te­de­schi (Rialto Brid­ge) T: 041 3142000. Map F3

COIN EXCELSIOR—www.coi­nex­cel­ Can­na­re­gio, 5787 (Rialto Brid­ge) T: 041 5203581. Map F3

ALBERTA FERRETTI—­ber­ta­fer­ret­

San Mar­co, 295/296. T: 041 5220772.

Map F4 BALENCIAGA— San Mar­co, 1310 (Cal­le Val­la­res­so). T: 041 5230806. Map F5 BALLY— San Mar­co, 4919-4921 (Mer­ce­rie San Sal­va­dor). T: 041 5285839. Map F4 BOGGI MI­LA­NO— San Mar­co, 1744 (Ba­ci­no Or­seo­lo).

T: 041 2960321. Map E4 • Sta­zio­ne San­ta Lu­cia (Fon­da­men­ta S. Lu­cia, 20).

T: 041 5246445. Map C3 BORSALINO— San Mar­co, 4822 (Cal­le del Lo­vo). T: 041 2411945. Map F4 BOTTEGA VE­NE­TA—­te­ga­ve­ne­ San Mar­co, 1473 (Sa­li­za­da San Moi­sè). T: 041 5228489. Map F5


San Mar­co, 1494. T: 041 2410553.

Map F4 BURBERRY— San Mar­co, 2308 (Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 240291. Map E5 CARTIER— San Mar­co, 1474/1495 (Cal­le San Moi­sè). T: 041 8842511. Map F4


San Mar­co, 2070 (Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 2405399. Map E5

CHANEL BEAU­TY San Mar­co, 1254/A.

T: 041 2708699. Map F3


Piaz­za San Mar­co, 51. T: 041 5231883.

Map F4 CHUR­CH'S—www.chur­ch-foot­ San Mar­co, 1316 (Cal­le Val­la­res­so). T: 041 2410147. Map F5

DA­MIA­NI —www.da­mia­

San Mar­co, 1320 (Cal­le Val­la­res­so). T: 041 2770661. Map F5


San Mar­co, 1255 (Cal­le Lar­ga de l'Ascen­sion). T: 041 2411636. Map F5 DOL­CE&GABBANA—www.dol­ce­gab­ba­ San Mar­co, 2188 (Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 5209991. Map F4 ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA— Boc­ca di Piaz­za San Mar­co, 1241. T: 041 5221204. Map F4 ETRO— San Mar­co, 1340 (Cal­le Val­la­res­so). T: 041 5232599. Map F5 FENDI— San Mar­co, 1582 (Cal­le Frez­za­ria). T: 041 2778532. Map F4 FRA­TEL­LI ROSSETTI—www.fra­tel­li­ros­set­ Cam­po San Sal­va­dor, 4800. T: 041 5230571.

Map F4 • San Mar­co, 1477 (San Moi­sè). T: 041 5220819. Map F5 FURLA— San Mar­co, 4833 (Mer­ce­rie San Sal­va­dor). T: 041 2770460.Map F4 GIOR­GIO ARMANI— San Mar­co, 2282 (Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 8503048. Map F4 GUCCI— San Mar­co, 2102 (Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 2413968. Map F4 • San Mar­co, 258 (Mer­ce­rie). T: 041 5229119. Map E5 HERMÈS—ita­ly.her­ San Mar­co, 1292 (Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 2410715. Map F5 HUGO BOSS—­go­ Piaz­za San Mar­co, 80 (Ba­ci­no Or­seo­lo 1218). T: 041 5224378. Map F4

JIMMY CHOO—www.jim­my­

San Mar­co, 1289. T: 041 5224510.

Map F4

LO­RO PIANA—www.lo­ro­pia­

San Mar­co Ascen­sio­ne, 1301. T: 041 2770695.

Map F5

LOUIS VUITTON—www.loui­svuit­

San Mar­co, 1345. T: 041 5224500. Map F5

MAX MARA—it.max­ma­

San Mar­co, 5033 (Mer­ce­rie). T: 041 5226688.

Map F5

MICHAEL KORS—www.mi­chael­­w­ww.mi­chael­ San Mar­co, 1461 (Cam­po San Moi­sè). T: 041 2960312. Map F5


San Mar­co, 1318/A (Cal­le Val­la­res­so). T: 041 5205733. Map F5 MIU MIU—www.miu­ San Mar­co, 1471 (Sa­li­za­da San Moi­sè). T: 041 8106066. Map F5 MONCLER— San Mar­co, 2088

(Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 2960605.

Map E5 MONTBLANC— San Mar­co, 2380 (Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 2413747. Map F5


San Mar­co, 1464/1469 (Sa­li­za­da San Moi­sè). T: 041 5283966. Map F5

RENÉ CAOVILLA—­ne­cao­vil­ San Mar­co, 1296. T: 041 5238038.

Map F4

RO­BER­TO CA­VAL­LI—­ber­to­ca­val­ San Mar­co, 1314. T: 041 5299020.

Map F5

ROC­CA 1794— www.roc­ Piaz­za San Mar­co, 125. T: 041 5201014.

Map F4


San Mar­co, 1302. T: 041 5202211. Map F4 SALVADORI DIAMOND ATELIER— www.salvadori-ve­ne­ Piaz­za San Mar­co, 67. T: 041 5230609. Map F4 SAL­VA­TO­RE FERRAGAMO— San Mar­co, 2098 (Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 2778509.

Map E5 SWAROVSKI— San Mar­co, 256 (Mer­ce­rie dell'Oro­lo­gio). T: 041 5210618. Map F4 SWATCH— San Mar­co, 5022 (Mer­ce­rie San Sal­va­dor). T: 041 5228532. Map F4 TIFFANY & CO.— San Mar­co, 1336 (Cal­le Val­la­res­so). T: 041 5201037. Map F5 TOD'S— San Mar­co, 2251 (Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 5206603. Map E5 VERSACE— San Mar­co, 1462 (Cam­po San Moi­sè). T: 041 5200057. Map F5



Ros­sa­na Ri­ghi­ni de­lights cu­sto­mers wi­th her scar­ves, broo­ches, costume jewel­ry, bags, ha­ts and silk, hand­ma­de ties. Her win­do­ws and di­splay ca­ses ex­press the ow­ner's phi­lo­so­phy: “The cul­tu­re of beau­ty, the ma­gic of ele­gan­ce”.

PAS­SION TIP Ana­te­ma al­so stocks small Mu­ra­no glass jewel­ry. Open dai­ly 10am-2pm/3pm-7pm. www.ana­te­ San Po­lo, 2603. T: 041 5242221. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (San To­mà stop). Map D4

Fran­cis Mo­del

Sty­li­sh, hi­gh-qua­li­ty bags wi­th a fo­cus on co­lour. Esta­bli­shed in 1965, this small ar­ti­sa­nal ‘bottega' has al­ways re­mai­ned fai­th­ful to the dik­ta­ts of Ma­de in Ita­ly craf­tsman­ship. Lo­ca­ted ju­st steps from the Rialto Brid­ge, Rug­ge­ro De Zor­zi de­vo­tes him­self to his craft wi­th pri­de and pas­sion. Open dai­ly 10am7.30pm. www.fran­ci­smo­ San Po­lo, 773/A (Ru­ga Ra­va­no). T: 041 5212889. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 (Rialto Mer­ca­to stop). Map E3

G. Pa­gan

The re­sult of on­going re­sear­ch, G. Pa­gan's bags and ac­ces­so­ries are ma­de from pri­zed ma­te­rials: cro­co­di­le, py­thon and even eel. Eve­ry­thing he­re is about style, it's wor­th a vi­sit! It al­so has ano­ther sto­re in Cal­le del­la Man­do­la. Open dai­ly 10am7.30pm. San Mar­co, 54 (Sot­to le Pro­cu­ra­tie). T: 041 5208924. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (San Mar­co stop).

Map F5

Gio­van­na Za­nel­la

For the pa­st ten years, Ve­ne­tian de­si­gner-cob­bler Gio­van­na Za­nel­la has been creating ex­clu­si­ve li­nes of shoes for men and wo­men at her work­shop lo­ca­ted ju­st a sto­ne's th­row from the Rialto Brid­ge. Ea­ch pair is en­do­wed wi­th its own, un­re­pea­ta­ble per­so­na­li­ty be­cau­se they are of­ten en­han­ced by a sur­pri­se ele­ment li­ke tou­ches of ny­lon, co­bra heads, pi­stils or frin­ges. Open Mon-Sat 1.30pm8­pm. www.gio­van­na­za­nel­ Ca­stel­lo, 5641 (Cal­le near Cam­po San Lio). T: 041 5235500. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (Rialto stop). Map F4

Giu­lia­na Lon­go

A mil­li­ner boa­sting a long­stan­ding fa­mi­ly tra­di­tion da­ting back to the ear­ly 20th cen­tu­ry, Giu­lia­na Lon­go's fa­me has spread far beyond the boun­da­ries of Ve­ni­ce, thanks to her unique Ve­ne­tian ae­sthe­tic. Her shop is the dream hat-cu­p­board of any true sar­to­ria­li­st, amid­st old-world fur­ni­shings, ori­gi­nal pa­na­ma ha­ts and hand­ma­de head­gear.

PAS­SION TIP The on­ly shop in to­wn whe­re you can find au­then­tic gon­do­lier's ha­ts. Open Mon-Sat 10am-7pm. www.giu­lia­na­lon­ San Mar­co, 4813 (Cal­le del Lo­vo).T: 041 5226454. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (Rialto stop). Map F4

La Pa­ri­gi­na

An hi­sto­ric Ve­ne­tian shoe shop whi­ch has been pro­du­cing its own-na­me sleek, but­ter-soft lea­ther shoes for men and wo­men sin­ce the 1940s. It al­so stocks a wi­de se­lec­tion of in­ter­na­tio­nal brands in­clu­ding Chur­ch's, Tim­ber­land, Cam­per, Michael Kors, Bik­kem­berg san­dals and Si­ton loa­fers. La Pa­ri­gi­na al­so car­ries an as­sort­ment of lu­xu­ry sports­wear.­pa­ri­gi­ Open dai­ly 10am7.30pm. San Mar­co, 733. T: 041 5231555. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (Rialto stop). Map E4 • Open dai­ly 9am-1pm/4pm-8pm. Ve­ne­zia Li­do, Gran Via­le S. M. Eli­sa­bet­ta 14, T: 041 2420475. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 2 (Li­do stop). Off Map


This shoe bou­ti­que in San Mar­co - its other bran­ch is lo­ca­ted in Frez­ze­ria - has been a re­fe­ren­ce point for di­scer­ning Ve­ne­tians sin­ce the 1970s. Its ow­ner Ja­co­po No­bi­li sells sought-af­ter, clas­sic men and wo­men's shoes, di­stin­gui­shed by their Ma­de in Ita­ly ae­sthe­tic. Open dai­ly 10am-7.30pm. San Mar­co, 420 (Cal­le Lar­ga). T: 041 522 9956. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 (San Mar­co stop) Map F4• Open dai­ly 10am-7.30pm. San Mar­co Frez­ze­ria, 1583. T: 041 522 8997.

Mi­che­le De Fi­na

Hi­ghly se­lect lea­ther shoes, its ow­ner over­sees ea­ch sta­ge of the wor­king pro­cess from the cut­ting of the lea­ther to the end crea­tion. Craf­tsman­ship and Ita­lian style are the hall­mark trai­ts of Ve­ne­tian shoe de­si­gner Mi­che­le De Fi­na. Open dai­ly 10am1­pm/2pm-7pm. www.mi­che­le­de­fi­ San

Mar­co, 318/A (Cal­le del­la Ca­no­ni­ca). T: 041 3030189. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (San Mar­co stop or San Zac­ca­ria stop). Map F4

René Caovilla

In the 1950s, twen­ty-year-old René star­ted wor­king at his fa­mi­ly's foot­wear fac­to­ry, re­vea­ling his ta­lent as a ‘foot­wear sculp­tor'. Ba­sed in Ve­ni­ce, he has col­la­bo­ra­ted wi­th fa­shion hou­ses of the li­kes of Va­len­ti­no, Dior, Gal­lia­no, Chanel and is no­ted for the stun­ning li­ne of "jewel shoes" he co-crea­ted wi­th Karl La­ger­feld. Shoe-de­si­gner to the stars, A-li­sters who ado­re his crea­tions in­clu­de Gwen Ste­fa­ni, Ro­bin Wright, Brit­ney Spears and Sa­rah Jes­si­ca Par­ker. PAS­SION TIP His pumps in Ve­ne­tian la­ce are tru­ly ico­nic! Open dai­ly 10am7­pm.­ne­cao­vil­ San Mar­co, 1296. T: 041 5238038. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (San Mar­coVal­la­res­so stop). Map F4



Al Du­ca d'Ao­sta

Ori­gi­nal­ly esta­bli­shed in Ve­ni­ce in 1902, Al Du­ca d'Ao­sta now boasts sto­res in six ci­ties across the Tri­ve­ne­to region: Ve­ni­ce, Pa­dua, Ve­ro­na, Me­stre, Tre­vi­so and Udi­ne. The hi­sto­ri­cal four-sto­rey Ve­ni­ce lo­ca­tion fea­tu­res over 100 top fa­shion brands for men and wo­men, ca­re­ful­ly se­lec­ted to of­fer its clien­te­le qua­li­ty and ele­gan­ce. The­se in­clu­de ca­sual men's li­nes for a spor­ty-chic look, sar­to­rial de­si­gns for sav­vy-style gen­tle­men and wo­men's wear, fea­tu­ring the ico­nic ac­ces­so­ries of the la­te­st col­lec­tions, in­clu­ding small lea­ther goods and bi­joux, for a gla­mo­rous, co­smo­po­li­tan ae­sthe­tic. The sto­re of­fers nu­me­rous spe­cial fa­ci­li­ties and ser­vi­ces for its cu­sto­mers, in­clu­ding a Per­so­nal Shop­ping ser­vi­ce and Tax Free Shop­ping. Open Mon-Sat 10am-7.30pm; Sun 11am-7pm.­du­ca­dao­ San Mar­co, 4945. T: 041 5220733. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 (Rialto stop). Map F4

Boggi Mi­la­no

An ea­sy yet so­phi­sti­ca­ted look for bu­si­ness­men on the go, but, abo­ve all, a gua­ran­tee of style for tho­se who ap­pre­cia­te qua­li­ty. Boggi Mi­la­no of­fers gar­men­ts ai­med at a con­tem­po­ra­ry, mo­dern and co­smo­po­li­tan man who is not pre­pa­red to sa­cri­fi­ce the clas­sics of the ma­le war­dro­be: the suit, a se­cond skin that is so com­for­ta­ble that it can be worn on any oc­ca­sion. Other lo­ca­tions: Can­na­re­gio (in­si­de the San­ta Lu­cia Rail­way

Sta­tion, Plat­form 6- Fon­da­men­ta San­ta Lu­cia, 20) and Mar­co Po­lo Air­port. Open dai­ly 10am-7.30pm. www. San Mar­co, 1744 (Ba­ci­no Or­seo­lo). T: 041 2960321. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (San Mar­co-Val­la­res­so stop). Map F4

Ma­ri­na Ri­nal­di

Re­no­w­ned for its ta­ste­ful, plus-si­ze ap­pa­rel for fa­shio­na­ble wo­men, Ma­ri­na Ri­nal­di of­fers a wi­de ran­ge of col­lec­tions, fea­tu­ring bo­th con­tem­po­ra­ry and clas­sic li­nes that are up­da­ted on a sea­so­nal ba­sis. The­se in­clu­de dres­ses, jac­ke­ts, coa­ts, bags, ac­ces­so­ries for a to­tal look that exu­des class and ele­gan­ce. Open Mon-Sat 10am-7.30pm; Sun and fe­sti­vi­ties 11am-1.30pm/2.30pm-7pm.­ri­na­ri­nal­di. com. San Mar­co, 5028 (Mer­ce­ria San Sal­va­dor). T: 041 2770064. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 2 (Rialto stop). Map F4


Th­ree ex­clu­si­ve bou­ti­ques set again­st the ma­gni­fi­cent bac­k­drop of Pa­laz­zo Re­gi­na Vit­to­ria in the heart of Ve­ni­ce. Pot-Pour­rì car­ries clo­thing and fa­shion ac­ces­so­ries for him and her, ar­ti­sa­nal Ma­de-in-Ita­ly col­lec­tions and a se­lec­tion of in­ter­na­tio­nal brands, skill­ful­ly mi­xed wi­th the flair for whi­ch the brand is re­no­w­ned. Couture dres­ses, han­d­craf­ted ac­ces­so­ries and knit­wear wo­ven in cash­me­re, silk and na­tu­ral fi­bers. The bou­ti­ques al­so stock a se­lec­tion of ac­ces­so­ries and ho­meware in­spi­red by a clas­si­cal con­tem­po­ra­ry ae­sthe­tic in­clu­ding knick-knacks and ob­jet d'art for the ho­me, ba­th­room and ta­ble (al­so ideal for wed­ding gift lists). Pri­va­te boat lan­ding sta­ge. Open Mon 3.30pm-7.30pm; Tues-Sat 10am1.30pm/3.30pm-7.30pm; Sun 11am-7pm. www. pot­pour­ Wo­men­swear: San Mar­co, 1810 (Ra­mo dei Fu­se­ri) - T: 041 2410990. Men­swear: 1811/m (Ra­mo dei Fu­se­ri) - T: 041 5221332. Ho­mewares: San Mar­co, 1820/m (Frez­ze­ria) - T: 041 5201996. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 San Mar­co Val­la­res­so stop Map E4


Coin Excelsior

Lo­ca­ted in Can­na­re­gio, ju­st a few steps from the

Rialto Brid­ge, this lu­xu­ry de­part­ment sto­re sto­re ex­tends over four floors sur­roun­ding the ori­gi­nal in­door cour­tyard whe­re de­si­gner Fe­li­ce Li­mo­sa­ni's lighting in­stal­la­tion is sho­w­ca­sed. The sto­re pro­vi­des a se­lec­tion of bo­th Ita­lian and In­ter­na­tio­nal fa­shion brands, as well as fur­ni­tu­re (on the top floor), co­sme­tics and lu­xu­ry per­fu­me­ry (ground floor).

Open dai­ly 10am-8.30pm. www.coi­nex­cel­ Can­na­re­gio, 5787. T: 041 5203581. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (Rialto stop). Map F3

T Fon­da­co dei Te­de­schi

The re­cen­tly re­no­va­ted 16th cen­tu­ry buil­ding that ex­tends over 7000 sqm is a lu­xu­ry shop­ping, food and cul­tu­ral de­sti­na­tion. Sur­roun­ding a cen­tral cour­tyard, the sto­re of­fers the be­st in lea­ding Ita­lian and in­ter­na­tio­nal fa­shion brands, ac­ces­so­ries, jewel­le­ry and wat­ches, wi­nes and spi­ri­ts, beau­ty and fra­gran­ces, food and a ri­ch se­lec­tion of lo­cal gif­ts. Don't miss the spe­cial­ly cu­ra­ted cul­tu­ral pro­gram on the 4th floor and the brea­th­ta­king view from the roof ter­ra­ce. In part­ner­ship wi­th Pre­mier Tax Free, the sto­re will al­so of­fer an in­stant de­tax at the ca­sh de­sk when the pay­ment is ma­de by cre­dit card, the fir­st of this kind in Eu­ro­pe. Open dai­ly 10am-8.30pm. www.TFon­da­co. com. Cal­le del Fon­te­go dei Te­de­schi (Rialto Brid­ge). T: 041 3142000. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (Rialto stop).

Map E3


No­ven­ta di Pia­ve De­si­gner Ou­tlet

Wi­th mo­re than 150 sto­res, ca­fés and restaurants, vi­si­tors can find their fa­vou­ri­te la­bels wi­th pri­ce re­duc­tions of up to 70%, all year round, and fur­ther di­scoun­ts at the an­nual sum­mer and win­ter sa­les.

From ico­nic fa­shion brands li­ke Prada, Gucci, Armani, Fendi, Jil San­der and Paul Smi­th to spor­ting la­bels, li­ke Ni­ke and X-Bio­nic, and hi­gh-street fa­vou­ri­tes, li­ke Guess and De­si­gual. Ea­sy to reach from Ve­ni­ce via the shut­tle ser­vi­ce (avai­la­ble twi­ce a day from “Ve­ne­zia Tron­chet­to”, Me­stre and Mar­ghe­ra), it of­fers end­less entertainment, from the chil­dren's ad­ven­tu­re play area to restaurants and ca­fés and even an an­nual sum­mer mu­sic fe­sti­val. Fa­ci­li­ties: ATM ca­sh ma­chi­ne, ca­fés, restaurants, kids play area, ba­by-chan­ging rooms, free par­king, sto­re map and gui­des, mul­ti­lin­gual cu­sto­mer ser­vi­ce, wheel­chair ac­ces­si­ble, free Wi-Fi, per­so­nal shop­per (on re­que­st wi­th ex­tra char­ge), dogs ad­mit­ted to the ou­tlet vil­la­ge (admission in sto­res de­pen­ding on the sto­re po­li­cy), Tax Re­fund for Non-

EU ci­ti­zens and Cur­ren­cy Ex­chan­ge on-si­te agen­cy. Open dai­ly 10am-8pm. www.mcar­thur­ Via Mar­co Po­lo, 1 (No­ven­ta di Pia­ve, 30 mi­nu­tes from Ve­ni­ce). T: 0421 5741. Off Map

Pal­ma­no­va Ou­tlet Vil­la­ge

Ju­st one hour from Ve­ni­ce, Pal­ma­no­va Ou­tlet

Vil­la­ge of­fers 90 sto­res wi­th the tren­die­st brands di­scoun­ted by up to 70% and open all year around: Adi­das-Ree­bok, Al­do Bruè, Bal­di­ni­ni, Alberta Fer­ret­tiMo­schi­no, Cal­vin Klein, Fe­don, Ice­berg, Ixos-Mal­lo­ni, Ni­ke, Pi­qua­dro, Pol­li­ni and ma­ny others. Tax re­fund for Non-EU ci­ti­zens. In ad­di­tion to shop­ping, Pal­ma­no­va Ou­tlet Vil­la­ge ma­kes you di­sco­ver a land full of hi­sto­ry and ta­ste: the pic­tu­re­sque hills of the Col­lio region, the land­sca­pes of Friu­li's Do­lo­mi­tes and the Alps, clo­se to the Kar­st pla­teau wi­th the hi­sto­ri­cal si­tes of the Great War and the star-sha­ped ci­ty of Pal­ma­no­va, a UNESCO World He­ri­ta­ge Si­te. Open dai­ly 10am8­pm. www.pal­ma­no­vaou­ Ta­ke the A4 hi­gh­way Ve­ne­zia-Trie­ste and exit at Pal­ma­no­va. In­fo­li­ne: T: 0432 837810. Off Map


Au­de­mars Pi­guet

A mu­st-vi­sit sto­po­ver for lu­xu­ry wat­ch lo­vers. A pur­veyor of clas­sic wat­ches sin­ce 1875, Au­de­mars Pi­guet is the pla­ce to go for ele­gant ti­me­pie­ces, ma­de to the ve­ry hi­ghe­st stan­dards. Open Mon-Sat 10.30am-6.30pm.­de­mar­spi­ Piaz­za San Mar­co, 18. T: 041 5285519. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 2 (Rialto stop). Map F4

Bon­com­pa­gni Ve­ne­zia

This hi­sto­ric bou­ti­que in St. Mark's Squa­re stocks so­me of Ita­ly's mo­st co­ve­ted jewel­ry brands, of­fe­ring its clien­te­le a unique se­lec­tion of beau­ti­ful­ly craf­ted pie­ces. Open Mon-Sat 10am-7.30pm; Sun 11am6­pm. www.bon­com­pa­gni­ve­ne­ Piaz­za San Mar­co, 130/131/132. T: 041 5224563. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 2 (Rialto stop). Map F4


In ad­di­tion to its re­no­w­ned col­lec­tions of hau­te joail­le­rie, Cartier is al­so fa­mous for its pri­ce­less ti­me­pie­ces, a per­fect mix of de­si­gn and tech­no­lo­gy, en­han­ced by pre­cious me­tals and dia­monds. Open Mon-Sat 10am-7pm; Sun 11am7­pm. San Mar­co, 1474/1475 (Cal­le San Moi­sè). T: 041 8842511. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 2 (San Mar­co-Val­la­res­so stop). Map F5


A re­fe­ren­ce point in the world of hi­ghend jewel­ry, Da­mia­ni is re­no­w­ned for its un­mi­sta­ka­ble style and in­no­va­ti­ve tech­ni­cal so­lu­tions, in­clu­ding its ‘a lu­net­te d'il­lu­sio­ne' set­ting de­si­gned to hi­ghlight the bril­lian­ce of its sto­nes. www.da­mia­ San Mar­co, 1320 (Cal­le Val­la­res­so). T: 041 2770661. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 2 (San Mar­co-Val­la­res­so stop). Map F4


The ran­ge of lu­xu­rious yet cu­te gold jewel­ry crea­ted by Do­do, the brand foun­ded by Po­mel­la­to in 1995, is by now a clas­sic ei­ther for gift or col­lec­tion pur­po­ses thanks to its ico­nic good luck charms, ea­ch of whi­ch has its own spe­cial mea­ning.­ c/o Coin Excelsior (www.coi­nex­cel­ Can­na­re­gio, 5787. T: 041 5203581. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (Rialto stop). Map F3

Gems of Ve­ni­ce

For mo­re than thir­ty years, Gems of Ve­ni­ce has sour­ced the mo­st pre­cious sto­nes, whi­ch are then pro­ces­sed at its work­shop near the Rialto Brid­ge, in the heart of Ve­ni­ce, to be­co­me au­then­tic wearable art. Open Mon-Sat 9.30am9.30pm; Sun 10.30am-2pm/3.30pm-6.30pm.

San Po­lo, 1044. T: 041 5225148. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 2 (Rialto stop). Map E4

Nar­di Ve­ne­zia

A com­bi­na­tion of a lo­ve of pre­cious sto­nes and a pas­sion for the art of gold­smi­the­ry ma­ke Nar­di's jewel­ry ra­re ac­ces­so­ries to be worn or col­lec­ted, the epi­to­me of sheer Ve­ne­tian ele­gan­ce. Open dai­ly 10am-6.30pm. www.nar­di-ve­ne­ Piaz­za San Mar­co, 69. T: 041 5225733. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 2 (Rialto stop). Map F5

Of­fi­ci­na Ber­nar­di

The Ber­nar­di bro­thers, Fran­ce­sco and Car­lo, re­cen­tly ope­ned their fir­st mo­no­brand sto­re in the ci­ty. Au­then­tic Ita­lian style, ex­qui­si­te de­si­gns and me­ti­cu­lous craf­tsman­ship cha­rac­te­ri­ze the pre­cious gold and sil­ver col­lec­tions of this brand who ha­ve ma­de Ita­lian crea­ti­vi­ty their si­gna­tu­re fea­tu­re. Open dai­ly, 10am-7pm. www. of­fi­ci­na­ber­nar­ Piaz­za San Mar­co, 110. T: 041 5287906. Va­po­ret­to Li­ne 1 or 2 (San Mar­co Val­la­res­so stop). Map F5


Ome­ga is a pio­neer in the field of wat­ch­ma­king. Qua­li­ty and in­no­va­tion are key to the vi­sion of one of Swi­tzer­land's mo­st fa­mous hau­te ho­ro­lo­gists. At its Ve­ne­tian bou­ti­que, you can find all the ex­cel­len­ce of the­se pre­cious crea­tions thanks to its ex­ten­si­ve col­lec­tion of lu­xu­rious ti­me­pie­ces for men and wo­men. Open Mon-Sat 10am-7pm; Sun 11am-7pm. www. ome­ga­wat­ San Mar­co, 1291. T: 041 5220820. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 2 (San Mar­co stop or San Zac­ca­ria stop). Map F4


Esta­bli­shed in 1967 as an ar­ti­sa­nal work­shop, over the years, its con­tem­po­ra­ry jewel­ry has cap­ti­va­ted wea­rers around the world. Po­mel­la­to crea­tes hi­ghly sought-af­ter col­lec­tions fea­tu­ring a ran­ge of sto­nes boa­sting my­riad co­lours and ul­tra-fe­mi­ni­ne de­si­gns. Open Mon-Sat 10am7­pm; Sun 11am-7pm. www.po­mel­la­ San Mar­co, 2031 (Cal­le Lar­ga XXII Mar­zo). T: 041 5231909. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 2 (San Mar­co-Val­la­res­so stop). Map F4

Roc­ca 1794

The bou­ti­que's swee­ping win­dow di­splay, over­loo­king the fa­mous St. Mark's Squa­re, ho­st the col­lec­tions of pre­sti­gious brands in­clu­ding

Da­mia­ni and Sal­vi­ni, but al­so the ico­nic mo­dels of so­me of the world's mo­st co­ve­ted hi­gh-end wat­ch­ma­kers in­clu­ding A. Lan­ge & Söh­ne, pia­get, Hu­blot, Ze­ni­th and Lon­gi­nes. Al­so par­ti­cu­lar­ly wor­thy of no­te are the splen­did crea­tions in glass han­d­craf­ted by Ve­ni­ni, unique ar­ti­fac­ts that add a de­fi­ni­te touch of allure to the spa­ce. Ex­pert col­lec­tors or tho­se who are new to the ga­me can count on a ser­vi­ce of ex­cel­len­ce whi­ch en­tails full pre- and po­st-sa­le as­si­stan­ce. Other ser­vi­ces in­clu­de a full main­te­nan­ce ser­vi­ce wi­th check ups and pro­vi­ding in­ter­na­tio­nal cer­ti­fi­ca­tes. www.roc­ Open dai­ly 10.30am-7pm. Piaz­za San Mar­co, 125. T: 02 5201014. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (San Mar­co Val­la­res­so stop). Map F4


ROLEX RETAILER Salvadori was foun­ded in Ve­ni­ce in 1857. A mem­ber of the World Fe­de­ra­tion of Diamond Bour­ses, Salvadori pur­cha­ses its dia­monds from Ant­werp and Tel Aviv, ac­com­pa­nied by the hi­ghe­st diamond qua­li­ty cer­ti­fi­ca­tes. Open Mon-Sat 10am-7pm; Sun 10.30am-6.30pm. www.salvadori-ve­ne­zia. eu. Diamond Atelier Ve­ni­ce: Piaz­za San Mar­co, 67. T: 041 5230609. Salvadori Bou­ti­que Rolex: Piaz­za San Mar­co, 44. T: 041 2602313. Salvadori Bou­ti­que Pa­ne­rai: Piaz­za San Mar­co, 47. T: 041 5200899. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (San Mar­coVal­la­res­so stop). Map F5

Tiffany & Co.

Foun­ded in 1837 in New York, Tiffany & Co. is a world-re­no­w­ned jewel­ler. Sin­ce its in­tro­duc­tion in 1886, the Tiffany® Set­ting has been kno­wn as the ul­ti­ma­te sym­bol of lo­ve, pa­ving the way for Tiffany's le­gen­da­ry col­lec­tion of en­ga­ge­ment rings. Bold, mo­dern col­lec­tions, in­clu­ding the ele­gant, mi­ni­ma­li­st crea­tions de­si­gned by El­sa Pe­ret­ti and the brightly-co­lou­red li­nes by Pa­lo­ma Pi­cas­so, ha­ve ma­de Tiffany a de­sti­na­tion for tho­se see­king spec­ta­cu­lar beau­ty, style and the ve­ry be­st in de­si­gn. Open dai­ly 10am-7.30pm. San Mar­co, 1336 (Cal­le Val­la­res­so). T: 041 5201037. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 2 (San Mar­coVal­la­res­so stop). Map F5


Ca’ Ma­ca­na

One of the ol­de­st and fi­ne­st ma­sk ma­king work­shops in Ve­ni­ce for Car­ni­val, thea­tre, film pro­duc­tion and par­ties. Ca' Ma­ca­na craf­ts au­then­tic hand­ma­de ma­sks in the sa­me way that Ve­ne­tian ar­ti­sans did 800 years ago and ea­ch ma­sk is unique. Thanks to their ex­per­ti­se, they al­so hold con­fe­ren­ces and cour­ses on tra­di­tio­nal ma­sk-ma­king tech­ni­ques. Their ma­sks we­re fea­tu­red in im­por­tant film pro­duc­tions in­clu­ding “Eyes Wi­de Shut” by Stan­ley Ku­brick and in ope­ras in­clu­ding tho­se sta­ged by the Vienna Ope­ra Hou­se. Open dai­ly 10am-7.30pm.­ma­ca­ Ma­sk­ma­king and Cour­ses: Dor­so­du­ro, 3215. Sho­w­rooms: Dor­so­du­ro, 3172 and Dor­so­du­ro 1169. T: 041 2776142. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 (Ca' Rez­zo­ni­co stop). Map D4

The Mer­chant of Ve­ni­ce

The pre­sti­gious stand-alo­ne bou­ti­que of this brand whi­ch re­pre­sen­ts the ‘Art of Per­fu­me­ry in Ve­ni­ce' is hou­sed in the for­mer, mid-17th cen­tu­ry apo­the­ca­ry of San Fan­tin, lo­ca­ted ju­st steps from La Fenice Ope­ra Hou­se. Its neoGo­thic dé­cor and or­na­men­ta­tion in wal­nut, wood and ter­ra­cot­ta, re­flect the ty­pi­cal style of an­cient Ve­ne­tian ‘pa­laz­zi'. The Mer­chant of Ve­ni­ce is not on­ly a li­ne of pro­duc­ts but a wi­der pro­ject whi­ch in­clu­des a con­cept sto­re in Mu­ra­no, the Pa­laz­zo Mo­ce­ni­go Mu­seum in San­ta Cro­ce, the Spi­ce shop in Er­co­le d'Oro (Can­na­re­gio) and the World of Ve­ni­ce spa­ce at the Mar­co Po­lo Air­port. www.the­mer­chan­to­f­ve­ni­ Open Tues-Sun 10.30am-7.30pm. San Mar­co, 1895 (Cam­po San Fan­tin). T: 041 2960559. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 (San Mar­co-Val­la­res­so stop). Map F4


An ar­ti­stic spa­ce, whe­re you re­di­sco­ver all the ele­gan­ce and so­phi­sti­ca­tion of the ex­qui­si­te crea­tions han­d­craf­ted by Ma­ster glass­ma­kers from Mu­ra­no. A pri­me lo­ca­tion for pas­sio­na­te col­lec­tors, or tho­se who­se want to fur­ther their kno­w­led­ge about an en­ti­re­ly Ita­lian art, Ve­ne­tian glass crea­tions, me­ti­cu­lou­sly han­d­craf­ted by Ma­ster craf­tsmen. Open Mon-Sat 10am-7pm.­ni­ San Mar­co, 314. T: 041 5224045. Other lo­ca­tion: Fon­da­men­ta Ve­trai, 47 (Mu­ra­no). T: 041 2737204. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 2 (Rialto or San Mar­co stops). Map F4

Whe­ther wea­ring an ico­nic suit in clas­sic sha­des of grey or a soft knit­ted jum­per wi­th ab­stract pat­terns li­ke the one pic­tu­red he­re, the GIOR­GIO ARMANI man al­ways exu­des an air of im­pec­ca­ble ele­gan­ce.

CHANEL ‘Allure Hom­me Sport' eau de toi­let­te spray: an ele­gant, so­phi­sti­ca­ted fra­gran­ce that en­han­ces the skin's na­tu­ral scent.

The new ETRO cash­me­re scarf is de­co­ra­ted wi­th a Pai­sley pat­tern in sha­des of blue and light blue.

Mu­st-ha­ve SWAROVSKI bra­ce­let fea­tu­ring a T-bar clo­su­re. The ro­se gold-pla­ted de­si­gn sho­w­ca­ses a cry­stal blue pa­vé and a mi­ni gour­met­te chain.

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