In the bea­ting heart of Ve­ni­ce, don't miss the fir­st stan­da­lo­ne bou­ti­que de­di­ca­ted to the world of wo­men's accessories by Jim­my Choo. By Giu­lia Mi­ne­ro

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In the bea­ting heart of Ve­ni­ce, don't miss the fir­st stan­da­lo­ne Jim­my Choo bou­ti­que, de­di­ca­ted to wo­men's accessories

If dia­monds are a girl's be­st friend, then shoes are de­fi­ni­te­ly her fa­vou­ri­te tra­vel com­pa­nions. The go-to ad­dress in Ve­ni­ce for lu­xu­ry accessories is San Mar­co 1289, whe­re re­no­w­ned de­si­gner Jim­my Choo has ope­ned a stan­da­lo­ne bou­ti­que. The bou­ti­que, whi­ch was de­si­gned by the Ch­ri­stian La­hou­de Stu­dio of New York, fea­tu­res a per­fect blend of lu­xu­ry and Ve­ne­tian tra­di­tion, whe­re ea­ch de­tail has been me­ti­cu­lou­sly de­si­gned to re­flect the brand's uni­que sty­le.

The sto­re en­com­pas­ses the who­le world of the Jim­my Choo woman; shoes, handbags, eyewear, small lea­ther goods and fra­gran­ces are all di­splayed again­st an al­lu­ring bac­k­drop of lu­mi­nous Istrian sto­ne. Lar­ge cry­stal win­dow di­splays sho­w­ca­se jewel­led clut­ches to com­ple­te the mo­st ele­gant eve­ning looks, whi­le the foot­wear - the mo­st fa­mous pro­duct of this Bri­ti­sh brand - ta­ke cen­tre sta­ge and is in­ter­pre­ted in eve­ry sha­pe and form, in­clu­ding snea­kers, ico­nic pumps and in­no­va­ti­ve, you­th­ful san­dals.

Ex­qui­si­te de­tails in vel­vet, and lagoon-blue car­pe­ts strewn across ty­pi­cal­ly Ve­ne­tian ‘Ter­raz­zo' floors, ta­ke cu­sto­mers on a ma­gi­cal jour­ney su­spen­ded bet­ween the pa­st and the pre­sent ma­king the Jim­my Choo bou­ti­que a place whe­re the allure of the Se­re­nis­si­ma and the trea­su­re tro­ve of a mo­dern-day Cin­de­rel­la com­bi­ne to of­fer cu­sto­mers a uni­que shop­ping ex­pe­rien­ce. >> www.jim­my­

San Mar­co, 1289. T: 041 5224510 Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (San Mar­co stop) Open dai­ly 10am-7pm

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