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Ta­ke ad­van­ta­ge of your stay in Ve­ni­ce to en­joy this sea­son's la­te­st of­fe­rings.

This mon­th, spen­ding a lit­tle ti­me in sear­ch of a new ac­ces­so­ry, a jewel or a spe­cial gift, be­co­mes even mo­re plea­su­ra­ble. Ta­ke ad­van­ta­ge of a stroll through the pic­tu­re­sque ‘cal­li’ of Ve­ni­ce to treat your­self to so­me al­lu­ring de­tail of sty­le. Whe­re® gua­ran­tees that you won’t lea­ve emp­ty-han­ded!


From the new ‘Ma­li­bu' cap­su­le col­lec­tion by MI­CHAEL Mi­chael Kors: de­si­gned wi­th smoo­th lea­ther straps and set on a soa­ring raf­fia plat­form, the Fi­sher wed­ges chan­nel ge­ta­way gla­mour wi­th palm leaf em­broi­de­ry. Sty­le the­se ar­ti­sa­nal shoes wi­th a bree­zy sun­dress for days spent sea­si­de. www.mi­chael­

JIM­MY CHOOThe ‘Can­dy' clut­ch bag in aqua blue acry­lic of­fers a mo­dern look wi­th an ele­ment of fun. De­si­gned wi­th a chic asym­me­tric flap and rib­bed acry­lic pa­nel­ling, it fea­tu­res a de­ta­cha­ble chain strap to be worn on the shoul­der.The si­gna­tu­re lo­go in soft yel­low adds a play­ful ed­ge. www.jim­my­

CARTIEREx­clu­si­ve wri­ting in­stru­men­ts that bear the si­gna­tu­re of a so­phi­sti­ca­ted, lu­xu­ry brand. Fea­tu­ring re­sin ca­bo­chons and mea­su­ring ju­st 113mm in leng­th, the­se mi­ni ‘Dia­bo­lo de Cartier' ball­point pens in blue tour­ma­li­ne, yel­low or coral pay tri­bu­te to the co­lours of summer.

EBERHARD & CO.Fea­tu­ring a mi­ni­ma­li­st de­si­gn and a so­phi­sti­ca­ted ae­sthe­tic, this au­to­ma­tic mo­del, de­si­gned for a dy­na­mic and spor­ty ma­le wri­st, is part of the‘Ai­glon Gran­de Tail­le' li­ne. It boasts a new, ele­gant brightly­co­lou­red blue sun­ray dial and lu­mi­ne­scent hour mar­kers. www.eberhard-co-wat­

CHA­NEL‘Le Ver­nis' di Cha­nel is a long-wear, pro­tec­ti­ve nail po­li­sh, wi­th la­sting shi­ne de­si­gned to ma­ke vi­brant co­lours dazz­le. Long­wea­ring, ex­tra fi­ne and ul­tra-shi­ny, ea­ch coat of­fers an ab­so­lu­te­ly even and lac­que­red re­sult. A beau­ty ca­se ‘mu­st' for all wo­men. www.cha­

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