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The ci­ty's passion for antiques is em­bed­ded wi­thin its soul.

Ve­ni­ce is in­fu­sed wi­th so ma­ny hi­sto­ri­cal and ar­ti­stic ar­te­fac­ts that the ci­ty's passion for antiques is li­te­ral­ly em­bed­ded wi­thin its soul. The­re are so ma­ny lar­ge and small work­shops that it is al­mo­st im­pos­si­ble to li­st them all. Our ci­ty re­por­ter Ste­fa­no Trai­ne has se­lec­ted the mo­st im­por­tant.

Ales­san­dro Zop­pi A true son of Ve­ni­ce, Ales­san­dro Zop­pi, one of the mo­st pas­sio­na­te and au­tho­ri­ta­ti­ve col­lec­tors and art mer­chan­ts in the ci­ty, spent his you­th tra­vel­ling ex­ten­si­ve­ly abroad. In 1961, he mo­ved to Lon­don whe­re he stayed for a few years. The ow­ner, for mo­re than a de­ca­de, of the hi­ghly pre­sti­gious An­ti­chi­tà Ce­sa­na, to­day, Zop­pi's hou­se-mu­seum fea­tu­res a num­ber of pie­ces from his im­pres­si­ve col­lec­tions, wi­th a par­ti­cu­lar em­pha­sis on ar­ti­stic glass ob­jet d'art da­ting from the 16th through

20th cen­tu­ries. PASSION TIP Vi­si­ting his hou­se-mu­seum, or even tal­king to Ales­san­dro Zop­pi, is li­ke ta­king a mar­vel­lous jour­ney back in ti­me. By ap­point­ment on­ly. T: 335 6657005. email: win­gle­

An­ti­chi Splen­do­ri De­vo­ted to the on­going sear­ch for ob­jet d'art and antiques, the mis­sion of this hi­ghly qua­li­fied an­ti­que dea­ler is to keep the in­te­re­st in au­then­tic ma­ster­pie­ces ali­ve. Its San Lio-ba­sed sto­re in

Ve­ni­ce of­fers a ca­re­ful se­lec­tion of the ci­ty's ar­ti­stic trea­su­res, wi­th a par­ti­cu­lar fo­cus on an­ti­que jewel­ry, Mu­ra­no glass from the 11th to 20th cen­tu­ries and pain­tings of Ve­ne­tian land­sca­pes. Open Mon-Sat 9.30am-7pm. Ca­stel­lo, 5545 (Sa­li­za­da S. Lio) T: 041 5239265. in­fo@an­ti­chi­splen­do­ Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (Rialto stop). Map F4

An­ti­chi­tà San Sa­mue­le An antiques dea­ler sin­ce the Se­ven­ties, Sil­va­na Via­nel­lo is re­no­w­ned for her re­sear­ch and ex­per­ti­se in the field. PASSION TIP San Sa­mue­le spe­cia­li­zes in re­li­gious antiques, wi­th a par­ti­cu­lar fo­cus on sculp­tu­res da­ting from the 13th through 18th cen­tu­ries. Open: Mon-Sat 10am-12.30pm/3.30pm7.30pm. San Mar­co, 3130 (Cal­le del­le Bot­te­ghe).

T: 041 5204900. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 2 (San Sa­mue­le stop).

Map E4

An­ti­chi­tà Za­nut­to Con­ti­nuing a long­stan­ding fa­mi­ly tra­di­tion, in the 1970s, Vin­cen­zo Za­nut­to cho­se San Mar­co to open his work­shop spe­cia­li­zing in an­ti­que pain­tings, wi­th a par­ti­cu­lar fo­cus on Ve­ne­tian ar­tists. Al­so of­fers eva­lua­tions and cer­ti­fied ap­prai­sals. Open Mon-Sat 10.30am-12.30pm/4.30pm-7.30pm. San Mar­co, 2013 (Cal­le del­le Ve­ste, near the Tea­tro La Fe­ni­ce). T: 041 5235359. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 (San­ta Ma­ria del Gi­glio or San Mar­co stop). Map E5

Ca’ No­va Boa­sting over 40 years in the in­du­stry, Ca'

No­va whi­ch means ‘new hou­se', has de­co­ra­ted se­ve­ral of Ve­ni­ce's mo­st ele­gant ho­mes wi­th its uphol­ste­ry fa­brics. Wall­pa­per, cur­tains, ta­ble­clo­ths and hand-wo­ven shee­ts. Open Mon-Fri 9am12.30pm/3pm-7.30pm; Sat 9am-12.30pm. www. ca­no­va­tes­su­ti­ten­dag­ San Mar­co, 4264/a (Cam­po San Lu­ca). T: 041 5203834. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (Rialto stop). Map E4

Fran­co Dell’Or­to This well-kno­wn an­ti­que car­pet gal­le­ry stocks a fa­bu­lous ran­ge of lar­ge Cau­ca­sian and Per­sian rugs, Eu­ro­pean ta­pe­stries and lar­ge-sca­le de­co­ra­ti­ve pie­ces. Open Mon-Fri 9.30am-12.30pm/3.30pm7.30pm; Sat 9.30am-12.30pm. www.fran­co­del­lor­to. com. San Mar­co, 2052/b (Cal­le del­le Ve­ste, near Tea­tro La Fe­ni­ce). T: 041 5224736. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 (San­ta Ma­ria del Gi­glio or San Mar­co stop). Map E5

Le Zo­ie Mi­che­le Dal Bon's ate­lier is in­fu­sed wi­th per­so­na­li­ty.

PASSION TIP This eclec­tic shop sho­w­ca­se ra­re an­ti­que wat­ches and jewel­ry but al­so spe­cia­li­zes in col­lec­tions that are un­li­ke­ly to be found el­sewhe­re, in­clu­ding ob­jec­ts in­spi­red by an­cient ‘the­ria­ca', a me­di­cal con­coc­tion al­so kno­wn as Ve­ni­ce trea­cle. Open Tues-Sat 9.30am-1.30pm/3.30pm-7.30pm. www.le­zo­ie. com. San Po­lo, 1566 (Cal­le dei Bo­te­ri) T: 041 2758694. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 (Rialto-Mer­ca­to stop). Map E3

Li­bre­ria An­ti­qua­ria Li­nea d’Ac­qua An­ti­que books and pri­ce­less prin­ts fo­cu­sing pri­ma­ri­ly on pre­ser­va­tion and au­then­tic boo­k­bin­ding me­thods. PASSION TIP Spe­cia­li­zes in 18th cen­tu­ry il­lu­stra­ted books, maps and views of Ve­ni­ce and en­gra­vings by 18th cen­tu­ry Ve­ne­tian ma­sters. Open Mon-Fri 9.30am-12.30pm/3.30pm-7pm; Sat 10.30am12.30pm.­nea­dac­ San Mar­co 3717/d

(Cal­le del­la Man­do­la). T: 041 5224030. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (Rialto stop). Map E4

Stu­dio Ar­ga The ow­ner of Stu­dio Ar­ga, Ga­briel­la Tal­lon's ex­per­ti­se in Orien­tal and Asian antiques ma­kes this gal­le­ry a mu­st-vi­sit re­fe­ren­ce point. Open by ap­point­ment.­ San Mar­co 3659/a (Cal­le del­la Verona cor­ner of Rio Te­rà dei As­sas­si­ni). T: 041 2411124. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 (Rialto or San Sa­mue­le stop) and li­ne 2 (San Mar­co stop). Map E4

Tes­si­tu­ra Lui­gi Be­vi­lac­qua Ar­ti­sa­nal wea­vers spe­cia­li­zing in the pro­duc­tion of ex­qui­si­te, de­co­ra­ti­ve fa­brics for fur­ni­shings and cur­tains. PASSION TIP A uni­que place! Sin­ce 1875, the com­pa­ny has prac­ti­ced the art of wea­ving on ori­gi­nal looms that on­ce be­lon­ged to the Ve­ne­tian School of Silk. Open Mon-Fri 9.30am-4pm (Sat-Sun by ap­point­ment). www.lui­gi-be­vi­lac­ San­ta Cro­ce 1320. T: 041 721566. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 (Ri­va de Bia­sio stop). Map D3

Ve­ne­tia Stu­dium The Lan­do fa­mi­ly's mis­sion is to crea­te and sell “mo­dern ob­ject that speak an an­cient lan­gua­ge”. Ve­ne­tia Stu­dium not on­ly stocks a wi­de ran­ge of For­tu­ny® lamps but al­so splen­did silk pil­lo­ws, fa­brics, handbags and other accessories in­spi­red by the am­bien­ces lo­ved by Ma­rià For­tu­ny. Open dai­ly 10am-7pm.­ne­tia­stu­ San Mar­co, 2425. T: 041 5236953. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (Rialto or San­ta Ma­ria del Gi­glio stop). Map E5

Ve­ne­zia, Le Stam­pe Tu­rio At this small, re­fi­ned sho­w­room, Ca­mil­la Ni­co­lai con­ti­nues a fa­mi­ly tra­di­tion esta­bli­shed at the end of the 19th cen­tu­ry by her great gran­d­fa­ther Osval­do Böhm. Stocks a wi­de se­lec­tion of fra­mes, antiques and han­d­craf­ted Ve­ne­tian ob­jet d'art.

PASSION TIP Spe­cia­li­zes in an­ti­que de­co­ra­ti­ve prin­ts. Open 10.30am-1pm/3.30pm-7pm.­ne­zia­le­stam­ San Mar­co, 4606

(Cal­le Tea­tro Gol­do­ni). T: 041 5234318.

Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2 (Rialto stop). Map E4

Tes­si­tu­ra Lui­gi Be­vi­lac­qua

An­ti­chi­tà San Sa­mue­le

Fran­co Dell'Or­to

Ales­san­dro Zop­pi

An­ti­chi Splen­do­ri

Ca' No­va

An­ti­chi­tà Za­nut­to

Ve­ne­tia Stu­dium

Ve­ne­zia, Le Stam­pe Tu­rio

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