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In 2017, well-kno­wn New York art dea­ler Bar­ry Fried­man, hi­ghly re­gar­ded as an in­fluen­tial con­nois­seur and kno­w­led­gea­ble pro­fes­sio­nal, do­na­ted an ex­traor­di­na­ry col­lec­tion of 20th cen­tu­ry Mu­ra­no glass to the Ve­ne­tian He­ri­ta­ge-New York. The­se works are now on per­ma­nent view at the Mu­ra­no Glass Mu­seum. Com­pri­sing mo­re than 170 pie­ces by Bian­co­ni, Buz­zi, Na­son, Poli, Scar­pa and Zec­chin, and crea­ted at the mo­st im­por­tant and hi­sto­ric glass fac­to­ries in Mu­ra­no in­clu­ding Se­gu­so, Ba­ro­vier and To­so, Ce­ne­de­se, Sal­via­ti and Ve­ni­ni, this ge­ne­rous do­na­tion has al­lo­wed the Mu­ra­no-ba­sed mu­seum to si­gni­fi­can­tly ex­pand its 20th cen­tu­ry col­lec­tion.

The Bar­ry Fried­man Ve­ne­tian He­ri­ta­ge Col­lec­tion Mu­ra­no, Glass Mu­seum mu­seo­ve­tro.vi­sit­mu­ve.it

Ba­ro­vier ar­tists (Mu­ra­no, 1930).

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