San Laz­za­ro de­gli Ar­me­ni, an oa­sis of spi­ri­tua­li­ty

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Ta­ke a pri­va­te boat or Va­po­ret­to num­ber 20 from San Mar­co to rea­ch the island of San Laz­za­ro de­gli Ar­me­ni. Eve­ry day at 3.30pm, a gui­ded tour ta­kes vi­si­tors on a tour of di­sco­ve­ry of this old-world island, an au­then­tic oa­sis of pea­ce and spi­ri­tua­li­ty. The island is ho­me to a mo­na­ste­ry of Ar­me­nian monks of the Me­khi­ta­ri­sti or­der who ar­ri­ved he­re in 1717. Prior to their ar­ri­val, a Be­ne­dic­ti­ne com­mu­ni­ty in­ha­bi­ted the mo­na­ste­ry. The mo­na­ste­ry boasts an im­pres­si­ve col­lec­tion of ra­re ma­nu­scrip­ts and works of art do­na­ted by wor­ship­pers. Even Na­po­leon, no friend to mo­na­ste­ries, was im­pres­sed, and in 1797 de­si­gna­ted San Laz­za­ro an Aca­de­mic

In­sti­tu­tion, sa­ving it from de­struc­tion.

A tru­ly uni­que trip back in ti­me.

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