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Where Venice - - Where Now Tips - BY ROMENA BRUGNEROTTO

Are you won­de­ring how to keep your kids en­ter­tai­ned du­ring your stay in Ve­ni­ce? Whe­re has pre­pa­red a pick of at­trac­tions that will keep them en­ter­tai­ned in summer.

1) Go to the sea­si­de. Ta­ke a 15-mi­nu­te va­po­ret­to ri­de from San Mar­co and head to the bea­ch of the Li­do whi­ch is pac­ked wi­th chil­dren in summer. Rent dec­k­chairs and an um­brel­la from one of the bea­ch re­sorts on the bea­ch and en­joy the day. A long stret­ch of the sea is shal­low and the­re­fo­re sui­ta­ble for todd­lers and youn­ger chil­dren.

2) Do your kids en­joy bi­king? Al­thou­gh cy­cling is ban­ned in Ve­ni­ce, you can pe­dal amid­st pa­ths li­ned wi­th ve­ge­ta­ble gar­dens and vi­neyards on the Islands of Sant'Era­smo and the Li­do, whe­re you can ri­de as far as Ma­la­moc­co.

3) Chil­dren aged eight and up­wards can ex­plo­re a dif­fe­rent si­de of Ve­ni­ce whi­le padd­ling on a ka­yak through the ca­nals (­ni­ce­ka­ The ka­yak ex­pe­rien­ce be­gins on the Island of Cer­to­sa, a beau­ti­ful Ma­ri­ne Re­sort and the ci­ty's public park, whe­re amid­st boa­ts small and lar­ge, you will en­coun­ter goa­ts and ha­res wan­de­ring un­di­stur­bed around the island.

4) How about a short gon­do­la ri­de? The Grand Ca­nal is li­ned wi­th sta­tions (sta­zi) whe­re you can hop on a gon­do­la. For ju­st €2 you can ask the gon­do­lier to fer­ry you to the other si­de of the ca­nal. One of the­se sta­tions is lo­ca­ted right at the Rialto Fi­sh Mar­ket who­se stalls are well wor­th a vi­sit.

5) Wi­th so mu­ch to see and do you're li­ke­ly to be in need of a break and a place to cool off. Ju­st steps from St. Mark's Squa­re at Ca' Giu­sti­nian (the hea­d­quar­ters of the frin­ge even­ts of the Ve­ni­ce Bien­na­le) the­re's a chil­dren's spa­ce equip­ped wi­th toys whe­re chil­dren can stay and play for as long as they want. Ju­st a few steps away, you'll find a ca­fé whe­re you can in­dul­ge in a cof­fee break whi­le kee­ping an eye on your young ones.

6) What about a fa­mi­ly-friend­ly sightseeing tour of Ve­ni­ce for chil­dren? Ma­ca­co Tour of­fers se­ve­ral op­tions de­si­gned for chil­dren aged 4 and up­wards. Our fa­vou­ri­te? The ‘Lion Hunt'. The hunt for lions – the sym­bol of Ve­ni­ce – is en­han­ced wi­th ta­les and le­gends about the hi­sto­ry of the ci­ty. (­ca­co­

7) If you're fond of ani­mals, ma­ke su­re to ta­ke a pho­to wi­th the mar­ble lions stan­ding at the en­tran­ce to the Ar­se­na­le. They're all dif­fe­rent, they co­me from far-off pla­ces and ea­ch one has an in­te­re­sting sto­ry to tell. If you and your fa­mi­ly hap­pen to find your­sel­ves near St. Mark's Ba­si­li­ca, look for a pair of 18th cen­tu­ry red mar­ble lions that gi­ve the Piaz­zet­ta dei Leo­ni its na­me. Whi­le the­re, ma­ke su­re to ta­ke a pho­to that will re­mind you of your un­for­get­ta­ble stay in Ve­ni­ce.

8) Summer would not be summer wi­thout ice cream and Ve­ni­ce boasts an ar­ray of fa­bu­lous ‘ge­la­te­rie'. One of the be­st-kno­wn is Ni­co on the Zat­te­re in the Dor­so­du­ro di­strict. Their spe­cial­ty is gian­duiot­to wi­th whip­ped cream, a ‘mu­st-try' that will ap­peal to old and young ali­ke.

9) En­joy a sce­nic crui­se from Ve­ni­ce to

Pa­dua whi­le sea­ted com­for­ta­bly on an air-con­di­tio­ned boat. Re­lax and ad­mi­re the views as you float pa­st se­ve­ral stun­ning Ve­ne­tian vil­las.

10) In summer, an ab­so­lu­te mu­st is a vi­sit to the pic­tu­re­sque to­wn of Burano, wi­th its co­lou­red hou­ses. Don't for­get your ca­me­ra. Co­lours, smi­les and the de­li­cious bi­scui­ts pro­du­ced on the island will ma­ke a per­fect gift for friends and fa­mi­ly at ho­me – on con­di­tion that you don't eat them be­fo­re lea­ving!

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