A Gen­tle­man re­flec­ted in Blue

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Eve­ry sea­son the sear­ch for so­me­thing ti­me­less to en­han­ce his war­dro­be is con­si­de­red a prio­ri­ty by any gen­tle­man who is se­rious about ele­gan­ce.

Bog­gi Mi­la­no re­com­mends this over­check mal­fi­lè S'130 suit in blue the brand's fa­vou­ri­te co­lour – pai­red wi­th a clas­sic bluet­te shirt wi­th a Lon­don col­lar. Craf­ted in lu­xu­rious wool from Gua­bel­lo, it re­pre­sen­ts Bog­gi Mi­la­no's on­going com­mit­ment to sour­cing hi­gh-qua­li­ty fa­brics.

The clas­sic fit and se­mi-con­struc­ted shoul­ders of this two-but­ton jac­ket, pai­red wi­th flat-front trou­sers, are en­han­ced by the mal­fi­lè fa­bric gi­ving the suit a so­phi­sti­ca­ted, con­tem­po­ra­ry, 3D ef­fect. Smoo­th lea­ther snea­kers do­wn­play the se­ve­ri­ty of the look, ma­king it sui­ta­ble for all oc­ca­sions. A so­phi­sti­ca­ted suit for a Gen­tle­man in sear­ch of a re­fi­ned look that con­veys a hi­gh le­vel of at­ten­tion to de­tail. www.bog­gi.com.

San Mar­co 1744 (Ba­ci­no Or­seo­lo). T: 041 2960321.

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