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Vetreria Estevan Ros­set­to 1950 of­fers a wi­de ran­ge of glass works and di­stinc­ti­ve pro­duct li­nes. Crea­ted ad hoc, they blend to per­fec­tion wi­th bo­th mo­dern and clas­sic de­si­gn ele­men­ts. Chan­de­liers, mir­rors and ta­bleware: ex­clu­si­ve pie­ces skill­ful­ly han­d­craf­ted by ma­ster glass blo­wers from Mu­ra­no, ea­ch item is ma­de to or­der and cu­sto­mi­zed ac­cor­ding to in­di­vi­dual ta­stes or de­si­gns. A team of ex­pert mul­ti­lin­gual staff is avai­la­ble to as­si­st cu­sto­mers in their sear­ch for the per­fect ob­ject and gui­ded tours to the fur­na­ce can be boo­ked on re­que­st. Fon­da­men­ta Na­va­ge­ro, 50 MU­RA­NO

Tel: +39 041 739329 fax +39 041 5274367 in­fo@ros­set­to­mu­ra­ www.ros­set­to­mu­ra­no­

Mo­re in­fo: ve­ni­ce.whe­rei­ta­

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