Di­sco­ver Tes­si­tu­ra Lui­gi Be­vi­lac­qua: the art of wea­ving in Ve­ni­ce sin­ce the 18th cen­tu­ry

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An evo­ca­ti­ve, sur­pri­sing pla­ce, a form of craf­tsman­ship that exem­pli­fies ar­ti­sa­nal skills and cul­tu­re, a bu­si­ness that com­bi­nes ma­na­ge­rial ex­per­ti­se and an­cient sa­voir fai­re: all this is Tes­si­tu­ra

Lui­gi Be­vi­lac­qua, an esta­blish­ment that em­bo­dies the con­cept of Ita­lian ex­cel­len­ce to per­fec­tion.

At its wea­ving work­shops, lo­ca­ted in Ve­ni­ce's hi­sto­ric cen­tre, scru­pu­lou­sly trai­ned ar­ti­sans work on 18th cen­tu­ry looms. The geo­me­tric or flo­ral pat­terns that de­co­ra­te vel­ve­ts and bro­ca­des are not li­mi­ted to ‘imi­ta­ting' the de­co­ra­tions of an­ti­que fa­brics but ‘are' the ge­nui­ne thing. All of the fa­brics wo­ven by the com­pa­ny are ba­sed on the ori­gi­nal de­si­gns pre­ser­ved in the fa­mi­ly's ar­chi­ves: a cul­tu­ral pa­tri­mo­ny that could ea­si­ly be hou­sed in a museum but whi­ch, in­stead, is ap­plied to the eve­ry­day wor­king of fa­brics, ba­sed on the tra­di­tion of kee­ping the ti­me-ho­nou­red he­ri­ta­ge of ar­ti­san­ship ali­ve. The ori­gins of the bu­si­ness da­te back to the da­wn of ti­me. They are in­ter­wo­ven wi­th the ageold hi­sto­ry of the ci­ty, wi­th its tra­di­tion of ar­ti­sans and mer­chan­ts who cros­sed the seas, brin­ging back wi­th them trea­su­res that we­re ap­pre­cia­ted world-wi­de.

True works of art ju­st wai­ting to be tran­sfor­med in­to gar­men­ts or ac­ces­so­ries, cur­tains or fur­ni­shings, ta­pe­stries or sta­ge co­stu­mes, Be­vi­lac­qua's fa­brics are al­so in great de­mand on in­ter­na­tio­nal mar­ke­ts.

Now as then, all the sta­ges of the wor­king pro­cess are exe­cu­ted by hand.

The­se re­fi­ned, hand wo­ven fa­brics are de­sti­ned to de­co­ra­te royal pa­la­ces, thea­tres and ho­mes th­rou­ghout the world. Its fa­brics are so ex­qui­si­te that even the ‘grea­ts' of fa­shion we­re una­ble to re­si­st them.

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