The mo­st sought-af­ter Sun­day brun­ch in the ci­ty is ser­ved at the Ri­sto­ran­te Ter­raz­za Da­nie­li

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The mo­st sought-af­ter Sun­day brun­ch in the ci­ty is ser­ved at the Ri­sto­ran­te Ter­raz­za Da­nie­li, whi­ch of­fers a front-row view and a spe­cial me­nu for the fa­mous Fea­st of the Re­dee­mer. By Elena Bin­da

This is the mo­st cap­ti­va­ting ter­ra­ce in the ci­ty, and has been fre­quen­ted by eve­ryo­ne who's anyo­ne, in­clu­ding Peg­gy Gug­ge­n­heim, Eu­ge­nio Mon­ta­le, Ste­ven Spiel­berg and Har­ri­son Ford.

It's the Ter­raz­za Da­nie­li, the re­stau­rant of the Ho­tel Da­nie­li, the la­goon's mo­st ico­nic fi­ve-star ho­tel, si­tua­ted on the Ri­va de­gli Schia­vo­ni, ju­st steps from St. Mark's Squa­re. On Sun­days in sum­mer, from 12.30pm to 3pm, the re­stau­rant's ‘Ve­ni­ce by Brun­ch' of­fers a fa­bu­lous se­lec­tion of in­ter­na­tio­nal break­fa­st clas­sics, plat­ters of Ita­lian cold char­cu­te­rie and chee­ses, ty­pi­cal Ve­ne­tian hors d'oeu­vres, fre­sh ve­ge­ta­bles from the near­by Rialto Mar­ket and a ka­lei­do­sco­pe of des­serts from eve­ry cor­ner of the Bel Pae­se. In ad­di­tion to the abo­ve, this oneof-a-kind brun­ch co­mes wi­th li­ve coo­king de­mon­stra­tions from a le­gen­da­ry chef who pre­pa­res a se­lec­tion of tan­ta­li­zing tra­di­tio­nal hot di­shes, in­clu­ding ta­glia­tel­le, gril­led sea­bass and pork shank.

If you want to en­joy an un­for­get­ta­ble experience book a ta­ble on the eve­ning of 14 Ju­ly, the Fea­st of the Re­dee­mer that has been ce­le­bra­ted in Ve­ni­ce for cen­tu­ries wi­th a ma­gni­fi­cent di­splay of fireworks re­flec­ted in the wa­ter.

When you wat­ch this spec­ta­cu­lar di­splay from the ter­ra­ce, whi­le en­joy­ing a fan­ta­stic six-cour­se me­nu de­si­gned spe­ci­fi­cal­ly for the event, you're in for an un­for­get­ta­ble experience (see pages 6-7).

>> Ri­sto­ran­te Ter­raz­za Da­nie­li Ri­va de­gli Schia­vo­ni, 4196. T: 041 5226480. On Sun­days, from 8 April to 28 October: ‘Ve­ni­ce by Brun­ch' www.ter­raz­za­da­nie­li.com

Ter­raz­za Da­nie­li Re­stau­rant

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