De­si­gned for an in­ter­na­tio­nal au­dien­ce, the ci­ty's re­no­w­ned Tea­tro Goldoni is ho­sting the ‘Ar­lec­chi­no Fu­rio­so'

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De­si­gned for an in­ter­na­tio­nal au­dien­ce, and in­spi­red by the tra­di­tion of the ‘Commedia dell'Arte' , this mu­st-see per­for­man­ce will be sta­ged at one of Ve­ni­ce's ol­de­st thea­tres. By Elena Pe­ve­ra­ta

Ten years af­ter they we­re for­ced by fa­te to se­pa­ra­te, a pair of lo­vers are reu­ni­ted in Ve­ni­ce, whe­re they re­kind­le their lo­ve. The dri­ving for­ce be­hind ‘Ar­lec­chi­no Fu­rio­so', an ori­gi­nal co­me­dy writ­ten in the clas­si­cal ca­non of the ‘Commedia dell'Arte' – an art form who­se co­lours and masks ha­ve con­veyed the vi­ta­li­ty of po­pu­lar tra­di­tion for more than four cen­tu­ries – is lo­ve wi­th a ca­pi­tal ‘L'.

The per­for­man­ce, cur­ren­tly sho­wing at Ve­ni­ce's hi­sto­ri­cal Tea­tro Carlo Goldoni wi­th su­per­ti­tles in Fren­ch and En­gli­sh, of­fers au­dien­ces a uni­que experience.

Whi­le sit­ting on the sta­ge, tran­sfor­med in­to a Re­nais­san­ce thea­tre, au­dien­ces will find them­sel­ves sur­roun­ded by props, pul­leys and sta­ge lights. The sto­ry of the two lo­vers, Lean­dro and Isa­bel­la, ac­ts as a th­read to the esca­pa­des of Ar­lec­chi­no and the beau­ti­ful Ro­ma­nel­la, the ob­ject of his de­si­re and the rea­son for his in­sa­ne jea­lou­sy. The sto­ry of their lo­ve, ac­com­pa­nied by the no­tes of an ac­cor­dion, is pre­sen­ted on a small im­pro­vi­sed sta­ge set up among­st the au­dien­ce, in the man­ner of ol­den-day Commedia dell'Arte per­for­man­ces.

Per­for­med in a va­rie­ty of lan­gua­ges and dia­lec­ts, en­han­ced by the use of masks, co­stu­mes, duels, songs, mu­sic and pan­to­mi­mes, ‘Ar­lec­chi­no Fu­rio­so', the sto­ry of the amo­rous ad­ven­tu­res of Ve­ni­ce's mo­st fa­mous ma­sk, be­co­mes uni­ver­sal to au­dien­ces of all na­tio­na­li­ties.

And what bet­ter pla­ce to sta­ge this per­for­man­ce than the Tea­tro Goldoni? Built in 1622, it played ho­st for ten years to Carlo Goldoni, the fa­mous co­me­dy wri­ter, who re­for­med the wel­le­sta­bli­shed Ita­lian Commedia dell'Arte dra­ma­tic form by chan­ging it from an im­pro­vi­sed street per­for­man­ce in­to a struc­tu­red play, gi­ving di­gni­ty and cha­rac­ter to Ar­lec­chi­no, his mo­st ir­re­ve­rent pro­ta­go­ni­st. >> Ar­lec­chi­no Fu­rio­so

6 Ju­ly-21 October

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Tea­tro Goldoni, San Mar­co 4650/ B (Cal­le del Tea­tro). www.tea­tro­sta­bi­le­ve­ne­to.it

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