Ta­ke ad­van­ta­ge of your stay in Ve­ni­ce to en­joy this sea­son's la­te­st of­fe­rings.

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This mon­th, spen­ding a lit­tle ti­me in sear­ch of a new ac­ces­so­ry, a jewel or a spe­cial gift, be­co­mes even more plea­su­ra­ble. Ta­ke ad­van­ta­ge of a stroll through the pic­tu­re­sque ‘cal­li’ of Ve­ni­ce to treat your­self to so­me al­lu­ring de­tail of sty­le. Whe­re® gua­ran­tees that you won’t lea­ve empty-han­ded!

AL DU­CA D'AO­STA Hau­te cou­tu­re, ex­qui­si­te fa­brics, a sought-af­ter de­si­gn and at­ten­tion to de­tail: the­se are the cha­rac­te­ri­stics of the ‘Al Du­ca d'Ao­sta1902' col­lec­tion, who­se tex­tu­res and co­lours draw in­spi­ra­tion from the ele­gan­ce of the pa­st, li­ke this pu­re red li­nen men's shirt.­du­ca­dao­

MA­RI­NA RI­NAL­DI‘Sa­moa' is a shop­per wi­th frin­ging at the front, dou­ble hand­les, a co­lour­ful re­mo­va­ble shoul­der strap and a press stud fa­ste­ning. Its un­li­ned in­te­rior, ed­ged wi­th a mul­ti-co­lou­red gro­sgrain rib­bon, hosts a po­chet­te in the sa­me co­lour.­ri­na­ri­nal­

▲ RENÉ CAOVILLA This flat thong, bur­gun­dy sa­tin ‘Fou­lard' san­dal is cu­sto­mi­zed wi­th long, soft pat­ter­ned ties to be tied around the an­kle and a slen­der strap wi­th dia­man­te de­tai­ling, fa­ste­ned wi­th a small si­de buc­kle. A uni­que ac­ces­so­ry, re­flec­ting the brand's da­ring, de­ca­dent ae­sthe­tic.­ne­cao­vil­

SALVADORI DIA­MOND ATE­LIER Craf­ted in ro­se gold wi­th102 dia­monds to­tal­ling over0.70 ca­ra­ts, the­se cuf­flinks from the ‘Vela' col­lec­tion are a mi­nia­tu­re ma­ster­pie­ce of art, in­spi­red by views of the sea from a whi­te bea­ch in Sar­di­nia. www.salvadori-ve­ne­

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