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Eve­ry fir­st Sun­day of the mon­th, more than 450 museums and ar­chaeo­lo­gi­cal si­tes across Ita­ly open their doors to the pu­blic free of char­ge. Ve­ni­ce, li­ke ma­ny other ci­ties in the coun­try, has joi­ned this ini­tia­ti­ve pro­mo­ted by the Mi­ni­stry of Cul­tu­ral He­ri­ta­ge by of­fe­ring free admission to the museums li­sted be­low on Sun­day 1 Ju­ly. Gal­le­rie dell'Ac­ca­de­mia­le­rieac­ca­de­

Dor­so­du­ro, 1050 (Cam­po del­la Ca­ri­tà)

Open Mon 8.15-2pm and Tues-Sun 8.15-7.15pm.

Galleria Gior­gio Fran­chet­ti al­la Ca' d'Oro (Gior­gio Fran­chet­ti Gallery at Ca' d'Oro).­do­

Can­na­re­gio, 3932.

Open Mon 8.15am-6.45pm and Tues-Sun 8.15am-7.15pm.

Museo d'Arte Orien­ta­le (Orien­tal Art Museum).­teo­rien­ta­ Santa Cro­ce, 2076.

Open Tues-Sun 10am-5pm.

Museo Ar­cheo­lo­gi­co Nazionale di Ve­ne­zia (National Ar­chaeo­lo­gi­cal Museum of Ve­ni­ce) www.po­lo­mu­sea­­ne­­ni­cul­tu­ra­ Piaz­zet­ta San Mar­co, 17/52.

Open dai­ly 10am-5pm. Museo di Palazzo Gri­ma­ni­laz­zo­gri­ma­ Ca­stel­lo, 4858.

Open dai­ly 10am-5pm.

Museo Nazionale di Vil­la Pi­sa­ni (National Museum Vil­la Pi­sa­ni) www.vil­la­pi­sa­­ni­cul­tu­ra­ Via Do­ge Pi­sa­ni 7, Stra

(20 mi­nu­tes from Ve­ni­ce)

Open Tues-Sun 9am-5pm.

Ca' d'Oro

Palazzo Gri­ma­ni, Cham­ber of Apol­lo

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