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Two mo­no­gra­phic ex­hi­bi­tions de­di­ca­ted to the Ve­ne­tian ar­ti­st Tin­to­ret­to will be held at the Palazzo Du­ca­le and at the Gal­le­rie dell'Ac­ca­de­mia, be­gin­ning on 7 September. The­se ex­hi­bi­tions will kick off the ce­le­bra­tions mar­king the 500th an­ni­ver­sa­ry of Tin­to­ret­to's bir­th. The an­ni­ver­sa­ry will be ce­le­bra­ted in 2019 wi­th an un­pre­ce­den­ted ex­hi­bi­tion at the National Gallery of Washington, the fir­st ever to be held abroad. The ce­le­bra­tions will in­clu­de com­pa­ri­sons wi­th Ti­tian and other Ve­ne­tian ar­tists, and col­la­te­ral even­ts at chur­ches and Ve­ni­ce's Scuo­le Grandi, to dis­se­mi­na­te the aware­ness of his art across the ci­ty.

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Tin­to­ret­to 1519-1594

Palazzo Du­ca­le and Gal­le­rie dell’Ac­ca­de­mia pa­laz­zo­du­ca­­sit­mu­ -­le­rie­del­lac­ca­de­


The 2018 au­tumn ex­hi­bi­tion at ‘Le Stan­ze del Vetro', cu­ra­ted by Ma­ri­no Ba­ro­vier, will be de­di­ca­ted to the Cap­pel­lin glas­sworks and Carlo Scar­pa. The pro­duc­tion in­clu­ded tran­spa­rent glass works, pre­cious ‘lat­ti­mo' glass em­bel­li­shed wi­th gold, glass pa­ste, bright ‘in­ca­mi­cia­to' works, glass wi­th ‘fe­ni­cio' de­co­ra­tions as well as fi­gu­ri­nes, ani­mals and plan­ts.

The M.V.M. Cap­pel­lin Glas­sworks and the Young Carlo Scar­pa 1925-1931. Do­cu­men­ts and glass works re­sear­ch.

Le Stan­ze del Vetro-Fon­da­zio­ne Ci­ni.

Island of San Gior­gio Mag­gio­re. http://le­stan­ze­del­ve­­te­go­ry/ex­hi­bi­tions/

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