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At the top. The Arsenale of Ve­ni­ce is a uni­que, un­mis­sa­ble pla­ce that can on­ly be vi­si­ted on ra­re oc­ca­sions. Du­ring the days of the Re­pu­blic, the fa­mous Ve­ne­tian ships, used for tra­de wi­th the Ea­st, we­re built in its lar­ge ba­sin of wa­ter.

Abo­ve. Yvon­ne Far­rell and Shel­ley McNa­ma­ra wi­th Pao­lo Ba­rat­ta, the pre­si­dent of the Ve­ni­ce Bien­na­le. The two cu­ra­tors of the Ar­chi­tec­tu­re Bien­na­le li­ve and work in Du­blin whe­re they co-foun­ded Graf­ton Ar­chi­tec­ts in 1977. In 2012, they we­re awar­ded a Sil­ver Lion at the 13th Ve­ni­ce Ar­chi­tec­tu­re Bien­na­le.

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