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To rea­ch the Arsenale: ACTV li­nes 1 and 4.1 To rea­ch the Giar­di­ni: ACTV li­nes 1, 2, 4.1 and 5.1, (li­ne 6 on­ly from Piaz­za­le Ro­ma).

Di­stan­ce bet­ween the two ve­nues:

15 mi­nu­tes on foot.

Ser­vi­ces: In­fopoint, free cloa­kroom ser­vi­ce, bar, re­stau­rant and book­shop. Ac­ces­si­bi­li­ty: the rou­te bet­ween the two ve­nues is wheel­chair ac­ces­si­ble.

Fa­ci­li­ties for fa­mi­lies: at the Arsenale, free strol­ler hi­re, ba­by chan­ging spa­ce, nur­sing and fee­ding spa­ce for in­fan­ts and a fa­mi­ly-friend­ly area. At the Giar­di­ni; ba­by chan­ging spa­ce and a nur­sing and fee­ding spa­ce.

Pe­ts: small pe­ts are al­lo­wed on a lea­sh in the green spa­ces at the Giar­di­ni. No pe­ts are al­lo­wed at the Arsenale ve­nue.

Pay­ment me­thods ac­cep­ted: ca­sh, de­bit

and cre­dit cards.

ARSENALE: Tic­ket Of­fi­ce - In­fopoint En­tran­ce - Cloa­kroom

GIAR­DI­NI: Tic­ket Of­fi­ce - In­fopoint En­tran­ce - Cloa­kroom

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