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1. VAT (in Ita­lian: IVA) is a va­lue ad­ded tax on goods and ser­vi­ces, and is part of the Eu­ro­pean Union’s va­lue ad­ded tax sy­stem.

2. In so­me ca­ses, tra­vel­lers may be gran­ted a

VAT re­fund. This re­fund does not co­ver the ser­vi­ces sup­plied by ho­tels, restaurants, ta­xis or agen­cies.

3. You may be eli­gi­ble for a VAT re­fund pro­vi­ded that: • you are a non-EU re­si­dent;

• the goods pur­cha­sed are in­ten­ded for per­so­nal or

fa­mi­ly use on­ly and are car­ried in your lug­ga­ge; • the ove­rall va­lue of the goods pur­cha­sed ex­ceeds

154,94 Eu­ro (VAT in­clu­ded);

• the pur­cha­se is cer­ti­fied by an in­voi­ce. This in­voi­ce should in­clu­de a de­scrip­tion of the goods pur­cha­sed, your per­so­nal in­for­ma­tion as well as the de­tails of your pas­sport or any other equi­va­lent do­cu­ment; • the goods lea­ve EU ter­ri­to­ry by the end of the

third mon­th af­ter the mon­th that you bought them; • se­ve­ral spe­ci­fic cu­stoms for­ma­li­ties are com­plied wi­th;

• the in­voi­ce is re­tur­ned to the Ita­lian re­tai­ler wi­thin four mon­ths af­ter the pur­cha­se was ma­de.

4. The goods pur­cha­sed and the re­le­vant in­voi­ce mu­st be sho­wn at the cu­stoms exit point when lea­ving EU ter­ri­to­ry (if you in­tend to pack the pur­cha­sed items in­to your check-in lug­ga­ge, you mu­st go to Cu­stoms

BE­FO­RE chec­king in). 5. Af­ter lea­ving EU ter­ri­to­ry, the tra­vel­ler mu­st re­turn

the ori­gi­nal in­voi­ce, re­gu­lar­ly en­dor­sed by the cu­stoms of­fi­ce, to the Ita­lian re­tai­ler. Said in­voi­ce mu­st be re­tur­ned wi­thin four mon­ths from the da­te when the do­cu­ment was is­sued.

6. The re­fund can be ma­de di­rec­tly by the Ita­lian

re­tai­ler (ho­we­ver, ma­ke su­re that the shop you’ve cho­sen di­splays a “Tax Free Shop­ping” or “Eu­ro Tax Free” si­gn in its win­dow).

7. Se­ve­ral Tax-Free com­pa­nies are able to of­fer

im­me­dia­te VAT ca­sh re­funds when the goods lea­ve ei­ther Ita­lian or EU ter­ri­to­ry (thus exo­ne­ra­ting the pas­sen­ger from ha­ving to re­turn the in­voi­ce to the re­tai­ler). Ho­we­ver, this procedure on­ly ap­plies at ma­jor in­ter­na­tio­nal air­ports or main bor­der cros­sings. Mo­st ma­jor de­part­ment sto­res ha­ve Tax Free Re­fund of­fi­ces.

8. The ser­vi­ces pro­vi­ded by Tax-Free com­pa­nies im­ply the pay­ment of a small ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­ve sum whi­ch is di­rec­tly de­duc­ted from the amount of VAT re­fun­ded to the tra­vel­ler.

9. In the event of a tra­vel­ler not re­cei­ving a VAT re­fund wi­thin a rea­so­na­ble pe­riod of ti­me, he or she should re-con­tact the Ita­lian re­tai­ler or one of the afo­re­men­tio­ned com­pa­nies.

10. Ho­we­ver, plea­se no­te, VAT can­not be re­fun­ded di­rec­tly by cu­stoms of­fi­ces.

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