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For more than 30 years, FREYWILLE has been set­ting new stan­dards in jewel­le­ry de­si­gn, ena­me­ling pro­ces­ses and in­ter­na­tio­na­li­za­tion. The heart of eve­ry jewel­le­ry pie­ce is the di­stinc­ti­ve and ar­ti­sti­cal­ly de­si­gned fi­re ena­mel that is ap­plied in ma­ny layers and then fi­red. Up to 100 ma­nual steps are ne­ces­sa­ry to pro­du­ce a de­li­ca­te and co­lour-in­ten­se fi­re ena­mel pla­te, shi­ning wi­th a stun­ning bril­lian­ce. All FREYWILLE Ve­ne­zia jewel­le­ry pie­ces are hand-ma­de in Vien­na by ma­sters of the gen­re, who guard the se­cret pro­cess: as pas­sio­na­te and ex­pe­rien­ced ar­tists, they gua­ran­tee that the uni­que jewel­le­ry is of the hi­ghe­st qua­li­ty. FREYWILLE has a long hi­sto­ry of pay­ing tri­bu­te to Ve­ni­ce’s he­ri­ta­ge, in­cor­po­ra­ting quin­tes­sen­tial Ita­lian sym­bols, co­lours, and other ele­men­ts in its pro­duc­ts. The opu­lent and ele­gant jewel­le­ry col­lec­tion “Hom­ma­ge à Ve­ni­ce” hi­ghlights Ve­ni­ce’s ar­chi­tec­tu­ral beau­ty and hi­sto­ry. Wi­th the win­ged Lion as the cen­ter­pie­ce of the de­si­gn, ea­ch ma­gi­cal pie­ce of jewel­le­ry cap­tu­res the sto­ry be­hind this spe­cial sym­bol and hall­mark of the ci­ty as well as that of St Mark, one of Ve­ni­ce’s pa­tron sain­ts.

FREYWILLE Ve­ne­zia Piaz­za San Mar­co, 53 T: 041 5200807

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